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Community Member
Posts: 3
Registered: ‎05-19-2013

Buyer Scammed Me!

Hi, I never Have Posted Here But I Feel Than I Need Do it.

Some Days Ago One Buyer Bought Me 1 Game "Conker Bad Fur Day" RESTORED LABEL.
 The Purchase Was Great, He Paid, I Shipped The Item All Great, But After That He Asked Me About If I Have 2 Games more About The Same Game Conkers With Restored Label By The Same Price, I said that YES.

Then He Told Me That Please Send 2 More Aditional Labels For Other Games of His Friends.Then I sent all.

He paid, I shipped.

Well When He Received The Games He told Me That Those Games Was a JUNK That Those Game Look Like Poor COndition And Opened me A Case And Let Me A Negative Feedback.

When The Case Was Open I Decided For Receive The Games Back And Refund The Money.

(Im From Dominican Republic For The Return Of Games i Have An Address On MIAMI FL, Can Take a While For Arrive Here)

Well WHen i Received the Games He Just Sent ME 1 Unit Of The Games That I Have Sold 2 Units And Do not sent Me The labels.

i Asked About Where is The Other Game and He just said "I sent All You JUNK", And He Sent A message To Ebay TO claim His Money About The Refund.

And i Lost 45 USD And Ebay Do Not Tell Me nothing About it.

Just That.

Community Member
Posts: 524
Registered: ‎09-12-2013

Re: Buyer Scammed Me!

in reply to gamexpress11

So if you did not receive the items back in the same condition that you sent him, you can file a claim for item not returned in the same condition. I forgot the exact wording for it.

Community Member
Posts: 3
Registered: ‎05-19-2013

Re: Buyer Scammed Me!

in reply to rain797

I tried to make a lot of thing and nothing :/ even appeal the case but ebay take the decision favor to him.


Then When i looking for Him on Facebook With The Email, you kNow What, Was a Boy of 16th Years Old Who Stole My money.

Just A Boy.


Community Member
Posts: 1,472
Registered: ‎09-23-2007

Re: Buyer Scammed Me!

in reply to rain797

rain797 wrote:

So if you did not receive the items back in the same condition that you sent him, you can file a claim for item not returned in the same condition. I forgot the exact wording for it.

When a buyer escalates an SNAD claim, and 3.0 minutes later the automated system decides in the buyers favor, the appeals process is a bad joke to try and get you to go away when you call to complain that no human could have possibly read the claim and the 8 pages of comments in the 3.0 minutes eBay claims they spent carefully considering the case.


Carefully considering the case sounds good, but they usually don't do it.


When it comes to an item sent back that's not what was sent, incomplete, damaged, or any other some such, eBay will say it is your word against the buyer, and they have to side with the buyer, because there's no proof they didn't send it back exactly as received by them.


Telling you to "examine the item before you refund the buyer" sounds good, but the result of your examination matters not.


In the rare case where you may actually win an appeal, you win. The buyer owes you the money, and eBay approves of you asking him nicely to give you your money back. He already has your money, and eBay can't make him give it to you, but you win.


Having an appeal process sounds good, but it really doesn't exist in any meaningful form.


You will find most eBay assurances that sound good are not what they appear to be.


Like feedback removal. A simple one sentence qualification. When you call, the rep has three pages of conditions that are listed nowhere.


All of these policies sound good, until you try to use them.



Community Member
Posts: 20
Registered: ‎02-11-2013

Re: Buyer Scammed Me!

in reply to instantvideogames
This is why I hope for google to clone eBay one day. This site get's more and more out of hand each month it seems but there really is no other outlet. Google has the name and resources to make it happen and actually drive a crowd to their projects. I'll keep wishing for one day and in the mean time put up with eBay.