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How to ship an American Girl Doll, please!


How to ship an American Girl Doll, please!

I have an American Girl Doll that I am selling (my daughter does not like dolls at all) in her original box. While I was searching completed auctions to get an idea of prices, descriptions, etc. I read one where the seller explained that she uses a certain priority mail box to ship her AG dolls.Of course, I can't find that listing again and looking at the USPS website, I don't see any boxes big enough in length!


Does anyone have any hints/tips/insights on how best to ship this doll?


Thanks so much for any help!


Re: How to ship an American Girl Doll, please!

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1. Take two of the "shoebox" Priority boxes.

2. Cut one down to rought half its original size.

3. Carefully cut, fit and tape it securely to over one open end of the other "shoebox" Priority box in a way that makes it big enough to fit the doll inside the completed new box.

4. Wrap the doll securely in new, white tissue paper.

5. Follow that up with a layer of bubble wrap.

6. Before you seal the box, make sure the doll does not rattle around at all inside.

Seal, stamp and mail. 



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Re: How to ship an American Girl Doll, please!

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I usually use plenty of bubble wrap around each part seperately, head,left arm, right arm, left leg, right leg, body. Then I carefully bubblewrap over the whole doll, being careful with her lashes of course. Then I would use plenty of bubblewrap on

her AG box itself ,buy a right size box, and ship her out. Ive shipped a couple AG dolls like that and they got to their destinations just fine. Of course you may want to insure it just in case, thats what I would do.Good Luck Dear.

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Re: How to ship an American Girl Doll, please!

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You said your American Girl doll has her original box, which won't fit inside the width of a "shoebox" size Priority Mail box without being damaged.  I haven't measured, but I don't think the doll alone would fit a shoebox Priority either.  Putting together two 12 x 12 x 8 boxes would probably be a better fit for safely shipping an 18" doll with her original box.


But you don't have to use a Priority box to ship Priority Mail.  


You can turn any plain cardboard box into a Priority Mail box simply by adding Priority Mail stickers to the box.  If you reuse a box, use a marker to black out any bar codes or printing on the box. 


Use a box that is at least 2 inches larger than the doll's original box on all 6 sides.  Fill the space between the bubble-wrapped original box and the outer shipping box with packing materials, so that the doll's box won't be crushed or dented.  Also fill the space between the wrapped doll and inside her original box with packing materials.  


You can order free Priority Mail stickers from the USPS website (pads of 10 or a big roll of 1000 stickers), or your local post office should have them available.




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Re: How to ship an American Girl Doll, please!

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The size I used when I sold an American Girl Collection was a corrugated box 24 x18x6. I think I got those from uline.  If it is the original box you really have to use a box bigger than original box as Jen said at least 2" on each side. Otherwise your chances of damaging the box is really high. Most want their original box in the condition stated in auction. I would not try to squeeze the box into a tight fitting box.