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Jutta Levasseur EPCOT Painted Eggs. Need Help


Jutta Levasseur EPCOT Painted Eggs. Need Help

I came buy these eggs at a Disney Collectors estate sale in SoCal.

I purchased them for next to nothing but now that I am searching I have found they could be really valuable.

All that I can find is that the artist Jutta Levasseur painted eggs in Epcot since the beginning and remained for 30 years until she died in 2012.

Her eggs are said to be worth hundreds to thousands of dollars.  

I can only find 2 items on Ebay by this artist and neither sold for very much money (around $200)

Is Ebay perhaps not the correct market?

My eggs do not have any paper work but I find it very hard to believe there could be "replicas" out there especially since they came from an estate full of rare disney items.


The "Bambi" egg is signed "Disne" Jutta ( I don't know if she flat out forgot the "y" or if it rubbed off but the egg is in mint condition)


The other 2 eggs look to be german Steiff bears in Christmas settings.

Does anyone know if these were sold in Epcot too?

All of the eggs I have found by her were strictly Disney images.


Any help with these would be great.

I would mainly like to know if these are "one of a kind" and the value I should shoot for.

Any advise on where to look next or a better place to sell them would be appreciated as well.





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Hi Missy,


The eggs you're displaying came from my estate sale in March.  Yes, they were painted by Jutta Levasseur sometime in the late 90's to early 2000's, but are not one of a kind.  I honestly do not remember what I paid for them, but it wasn't outrageous.  I kept two one-of--kind eggs she painted specifically for me; they are priceless to me.  Jutta and I were friends, talking throughout the years, and I knew she was battling cancer.  I was tremendously saddened by her death.


Hope this helps.