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Community Member
Posts: 32
Registered: ‎03-07-2013

Earl Nightingale Records from 1960, need help pricing, thanks

This is a set of twelve records from 1960 by Earl Nightingale, cannot seem to be able to find any info on these records to price them. Found a differeant set from the same time that sold for $400.00 but want to offer these at a fair price. Any help would be much appreciated, thanks.

Community Member
Posts: 2,258
Registered: ‎04-22-2005

Re: Earl Nightingale Records from 1960, need help pricing, thanks

in reply to sunrisinglove
this is an interesting set of records

pricing for them is strong on the River
if they sell but with multiple listings
as singles
The LP same story
it's avaiable as a PDF an EBook
an Audio Book
on the Utube
so it seems there must be serious interest in these
or at least a continued interest in the material as presented

there Are Non here i can find which can be good or bad
river sellers put up anything and wait
ebay sellers like results
Ifin mine i would list good key words
with a decent start
and a strong Bin
u could always lower on relist if necessary
might be a Real good thing
good luck.

**************************************************************************************** 1934 vappleton it was not until early next morning,when the last electrical connection had been repaired that TOM,weary but confident, gav the order:
Community Member
Posts: 32
Registered: ‎03-07-2013

Re: Earl Nightingale Records from 1960, need help pricing, thanks

in reply to sunrisinglove

Thanks for the info, I am listening to them at the moment to check for scratches and will probably be listing them soon. There is one record that has a small crack but plays ok. Best of wishes to you!