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Community Member
Posts: 283
Registered: ‎01-30-2004

How to mail coins

How can coins be mailed?  I posted before about helping a charity with a bunch oif donated foreign coins, most of which have no value except to people who want to have coins from different countries. A couple might sell in the $5-10 range on eBay (comparing them to ones of similar dates, although I know there are various things that affect a coin's value of which I am unaware).  If I did sell a coin can it be mailed in a regular envelope if I put it in one of those see through hinged things.( Husband once wanted some and I think he had to buy 100 of two different sizes) Ebays rules have changed so over the years--I go back to the good old days of getting checks in the mail (and no payopal charges).  I haven't figured out how to do the postage on the computer. I don't want to break any rules.  JUDY

Community Member
Posts: 6,800
Registered: ‎02-21-2006

Re: How to mail coins

in reply to judylund

Take a Christmass card put the coin in it and drive three staples to hold it in place. You can mail several coins in one envelope this way. Christmass card is just the concept, any folded card stock cut to the size of the envelope works.


If it goes over an ounce you need an extra stamp. If you don't have one buy a pocket scale, you can get one for less than $5 on ebay. It pays for itself because without it you'll be running to the post office or using extra stamps just to be safe. Your normal shipping scale may or may not be accurate enough for the task, you can run tests.

Community Member
Posts: 283
Registered: ‎01-30-2004

Re: How to mail coins

in reply to impalajohnny

Thanks very much.  I have a few that I know would never sell in the shop and even a few dollars is an OK sale for us!  I'll get to it after the New Year.  And Happy New Year to you! I do have a scale I bought on eBasy for weighing sterling jewelry. JUDY

Community Member
Posts: 8,181
Registered: ‎03-06-2012

Re: How to mail coins

in reply to judylund


I've been folowing impalajohnny's advice for the last year and doing fine.  If you put your coin in the stapled 2 x 2 holders, you may need to mail as "hand-cancelled," which is 66 cents for an envelope with one coin.  Still inexpensive and appreciated by most buyers.    If you do as he suggests, you can mail multiple small coins for just the normal 46 cents.

I also occasionally buy low priced items with low shipping and find sellers doing more or less the same thing as recommended by impalajohnny. 

Community Member
Posts: 11,945
Registered: ‎04-18-2004

Re: How to mail coins

in reply to tdziemianowicz

Here is one thing I dislike about how sellers mail coins....


They put the coin in a plastic flip, then use packing tape to tape the flip to paper (especially the invoice).  The packing tape is hard to remove from the plastic flip and it tears up the invoice.


It would be very easy to fold a piece of paper around the flip, and then tape that to something, but NOT the invoice.