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Registered: ‎12-31-2012
declined when using bill me later when I was approved

can some one help me on this issue I applied for bill me later and got approved for 500  and when I went to use it I was declined why is that? now I look like a real jerk to my only vintage G.I.Joe  dealer can some one help me  

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in reply to mikoch2012


We don't know why you were declined. You need to contact Bill Me Later.


For questions about Bill Me Later or your credit account, please contact Bill Me Later Customer Service. Related Help Accepted payments policy Choosing a payment method (for buyers) eBay Buyer Protection Privacy Policy


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in reply to mikoch2012

Your seller doesn't know you were rejected, nor does he know if you are approved. BML is a PayPal service and it appears as if you paid with PayPal.

But why you were rejected this time? Perhaps you answered one of the questions wrong in checkout, a typo maybe, your DOB, last digits of your SSN, selected the wrong type of phone for the phone number, or used the wrong email account.

I have to be careful with that last one, my eBay and BML emails are the same but my PP is different.


You can log into your PP account and use the contact us link to get the phone number and call if you must. But why not try again just to be sure. OR just pay with PayPal instead if you can't get it ironed out.


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