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What does payment pending mean?

I won an item. Checked out with Paypal. It says Payment Pending. What does that mean?

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in reply to cwar7785

Actually it can mean any one of several  things, the most common being the seller made a typo error in the listing when they entered the email address to which the paypal payment is to be sent.


If you paid via echeck you already know what ebay told you about that or at least would if you read what was on the screen.



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in reply to cwar7785

You are the buyer?


Where do you see it pending? eBay or PayPal?


On PayPal, it means you paid with an eCheck that needs to clear.


On eBay there are multiple reasons

Never rely on eBay nor emails for accurate payment information.

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in reply to cwar7785

it means you apid with using your checking account and not a debit or credit card.  Keep in mind that also means your shipment will be delayed as the seller is not expected to ship until after your check clears which could take up to two weeks depending on your bank.

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