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Accepted Solution
Finding Order Number

Can you please tell me how can I find  the "order number" for a product I purchased. (Not the ebay item number). For example, when we buy items from newegg or amazon, we also get a "Order Number" with it. but on ebay orders, I am not getting any?

Accepted Solution
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in reply to rem4353

Since eBay does not sell anything, you do not get eBay order numbers.


You buy from individual sellers and refer to item numbers.  You have purchased two items below:





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You can find your items in your purchase history - on the left side of your my ebay page.  Just change the period box at the top, if need be.  Also, you can go to the item's order details page for info.  Find the item in your purchase history and on the right it should say order details - maybe under more actions.