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Are there any disadvantages of receiving payment via credit / debit card on ebay?

Like do I have to wait a few days before payment can be confirmed? I am the only one that buys things via paypal in my family, and I am sure that other people want to buy things from ebay too that are honest buyers but do not have a paypal account setup, but I do not want to support acceptance of cards if it is risky. Thanks. 

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in reply to mem52484

PayPal is a credit/debit card payment processor. I would wager real money that the vast majority of payments for items on eBay are paid by credit card through PayPal - even by people with a PayPal account. Credit/debit card payment approvals clear almost instantly. The only payments that take a while to clear are e-checks through PayPal: those can take several days to go through.

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Go to the site map at the bottom of this or almost any e bay page and read "Accepted payments policy". You have to have an internet merchants account to accept credit cards. Once you start accepting them just remember most credit cards let people do charge backs for up to 120 days. There are certain ones you can't get. Go read up & Good Luck

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