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A buyer hasn't paid 5 days after the auction. How long do I wait before cancelling and relisting?

I'm really new to ebay, though so far it's been fairly easy to get the hang of.  However I had one auction where the buyer hasn't paid and I'm not sure what to do.  I sent an invoice and then 3 days letter a message, but no response so far.  Should I just cancel and relist?  What is the policy here when i can't even get a response?  It's a cheap item with no shipping costs, and i don't really mind waiting another couple of days, but it seems strange to not even get a reply from someone.

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in reply to beccalee57

How can you get the buyer's cooperation to cancel if he's not communicating? This is what you do:


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in reply to beccalee57

Some buyers are slow to pay.   Or they may never.  You can file an unpaid complaint two days after the sale, I wait longer but it's to you.  you can't cancel on your own, the buyer has to agree to it.  You don't want to relist until it's taken care of as the buyer could still pay.