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Community Member
How do I close an open case against me after they received item?
Posts: 11
Registered: ‎06-18-2011

I buyer opened a case ungainst me for an unrecieved item less then a week after they won without ever contacting me about it. I responded imediately and added the tracking number. The item was received and accepted on June 25th  but the case is still open and I have not heard back from the buyer.  How do I close the case?

Other Answers: 3
Community Member
Posts: 6,041
Registered: ‎04-21-2007
in reply to kittyhawk78462

If there is no escalation to ebay, and there is no more activity on the case, ebay will assume that the problem has been solved, and automatically close the case in 30 days.  I've had a couple that have been closed - that I had forgotten about until I got the email telling me it had been closed  Smiley Happy


I don't think the seller can close a case (at least I haven't seen where this is possible), but I did have a buyer actually close one the other day when he finally received his item in Saudi Arabia!


“To be able to ask a question clearly is two-thirds of the way to getting it answered.” – John Ruskin
Community Member
Posts: 18,695
Registered: ‎02-25-2003
in reply to kittyhawk78462

 the case is still open


The new eBay system automatically files a Case, even if the buyer only wanted to send you a message.

There is no harm, as long as the buyer does not escalate the case.



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Community Member
Posts: 17,110
Registered: ‎08-25-2006
in reply to kittyhawk78462

If there is a case opened, you need to enter the delivery confirmation information.

You say it was received/accepted....does it also show Delivered?


Your shipping time DSR is terribly low......