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bill me later not working

Rising Star

bill me later not working

Anyone else having this problem. When I want to purchase an item and go  to pay I choose Bill Me Later. It would go to the next page where it would list pay with Paypal (through which Bill Me Later could be linked)  or it would list continue with Bill Me Later  directly where you would list your birthday and last 4 digits of social security number.  When I am trying to pay now  and click pay with Bill Me Later it goes to the next page which only says to sign into paypa with no mention of bill me later. I evenw ent through this step incase they had changed the format. No such luck.  After leaving the the ebay site of the item to be  purchased  and choosing BML there is no way to continue with BML. I do not link the two together because since other people use my paypal account I can shop for gifts without them knowing what I am buying. I am so frustrated with ebay!!! Things haven't been right for days. One thing gets fixed and something else goes wrong.  Is this a ebay permanent change or another ebay problem?


Re: bill me later not working

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I have no idea what to tell you. In my case actually, even when I click pay now and sign into a paypal, the bill me later is set as my preffered method of payment and I have to change it every single time. I tried to change it but it keep defaulting back to bill me later. So I just do it everytime. So when you go thru paypal, the bill me later is not listed as a payment option ? I mean when you click on "change" next to payment option, there is no mention of bill me later either ?