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Community Member
Posts: 1
Registered: ‎07-19-2013

Seller not responding and not registered with PayPal

Looking for some help here. I won an auction and paid my purchase within minutes.

Paypal transaction was pending for two days (status unclaimed) because the seller was not register with Paypal (althoug his listing shows that he/she accepts Paypal payments).


I have sent several messages to the seller, with no reponse. I have cancelled the transaction.


First is there anything I should do to receive the item?

Will I be banned from ebay because I cancelled the transaction?


Thank you for your help.

Community Member
Posts: 6,918
Registered: ‎07-09-2003

Re: Seller not responding and not registered with PayPal

in reply to vincedf

By 'cancelled', do you mean that you reclaimed the unclaimed payment at PayPal?  Neither you nor the seller can unilaterally cancel a transaction.  It has to be done mutually, and only the seller can initiate the process.


One of the main reasons this happens is a simple error on the seller's part.  Either they made a typo, or they did a copy and paste that didn't include all of the letters of the address, or they entered the wrong address entirely.  The seller, really, is the only person who can fix things.  All you can do is to try and contact the seller.  They might not even realise something is wrong.  Give them some time to respond.


It is possible that the seller might open an Unpaid Item Dispute against you, since your payment didn't go to their address.  While you know you sent a payment, from the other side of things, the seller doesn't see that at all.  All the seller will see is that there's been no payment.  If that does happen, and you get an Unpaid Item Dispute filed against you, come back to the boards and post again and someone will help walk you through the process.