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Community Member
Posts: 1,346
Registered: ‎01-30-2011

Supreme Court Case-- Re: eBay book seller

I got this email from eBay today:

"We're writing today to encourage you to consider joining eBay Main Street, a grassroots organization of eBay members taking action to promote smart government policy and protect the rights and interests of ecommerce sellers like you.

Right now, eBay Main Street is working to protect an entrepreneurial eBay seller who will be at the center of a case in front of the US Supreme Court later this month. This eBay seller, a student putting himself through college by selling authentic books that he legally purchased, was challenged by a publisher clinging to an old business model that relies on restricting trade to geographic borders. The outcome of this case could have significant implications for your rights as a seller. Learn more and join other eBay sellers on eBay Main Street and make your voice heard.

eBay Government Relations Team"
Community Member
Posts: 1,545
Registered: ‎09-09-2009

Re: Supreme Court Case-- Re: eBay book seller

in reply to rockmaple

I don't think political discussions are allowed on this board.

I also think that if the case has merits, eBay has plenty enough money to support the case without begging a lot of poor booksellers for it.

After all, it's their market they are trying to protect.

"Less in my pockets meant less on my mind".
Community Member
Posts: 1,453
Registered: ‎06-11-2004

Re: Supreme Court Case-- Re: eBay book seller

in reply to rockmaple

I got the same email.

Don't fall for the "big bad publisher" schtick until you follow the money.

eBay's motivation is clear: If the seller made something in the neighborhood of $40,000, then eBay and PayPal made about 18% plus the same on shipping.

Multiply that by all the other "entrepreneurs" in books. (and spice if up with gray market sellers in other areas)

Seems to make sense now how the sellers of cheap overseas editions of textbooks have listed them under the ISBN numbers of the U.S. editions with impunity, despite the numerous complaints from buyers that just didn't realize that a listing for a new U.S. hardcover editon with color illustrations could transform into an Indian paperback in black and white with a couple little disclaimers buried in the description.

And eBay doesn't mention that the authors of the textbooks got shafted by the illegal importation of foreign editions, because they signed a contract that specifies lower royalties on those cheaper foreign editions.

Not too long ago eBay was banning the sale of  perfectly legal teacher's editions and didn't seem to have any problem choosing their buttered side rather than the legal side of small entreprenurs just trying to make a buck.

Google and Wikipedia are not substitutes for education or intelligence.
— cornercube, 2009

Community Member
Posts: 519
Registered: ‎02-13-2008

Re: Supreme Court Case-- Re: eBay book seller

in reply to rockmaple

I'm surprised that ebay opposes imposition of the sales tax.  It's another opportunity for them to make money--just as they did for shipping, they'll probably try to charge their percentage on the final cost, including taxes.

Community Member
Posts: 211
Registered: ‎07-27-2002

Re: Supreme Court Case-- Re: eBay book seller

in reply to rockmaple

Geeze, Jean-Paul don't give eBay any ideas!  :_|