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Registered: ‎07-26-2013
How do you get rid of a bid that I placed on an item

I placed a bid and did not want it how do I get rid of the bid I placed thank you for your time 

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in reply to beth1234-2013

"... didn't want it" is not a valid reason to remove your bid.


Don't bid on any item until you are sure that it is the one you want.


Try to Contact Seller

Explain your situation

Ask the seller to "kindly Cancel your bid.


Sellers are allowed to cancel bids (link can be found near the top of the center column in Site Map)

Sellers are not required to cancel bids at bidder's request.

Seller would be doing you a big favor if they cancel your bid.


If your bid is not cancelled; and you win the auction --- you would be obligated to complete the transaction.

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in reply to beth1234-2013

Hope you get outbid and in future use your watch list before you bid-if you win you are required to pay.


You are not off to a very good start here...:smileyindifferent:

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in reply to beth1234-2013

All bids are binding.


You used the confirm and commit buttons and had 2 pages to go through to confirm your bid.


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