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How do I set up an automatic bidding?

I want to set up an automatic bid, but I don't now how. I checked the information section about automatic bidding, but it does not explains how set it up.

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in reply to cesarvirgilio

ebay's proxy bidding will automatically increment your bid until you reach your maximum bid each time someone else places a bid.


 The highest bid wins, but by placing a bid just before the auction ends prevents other bidders from placing a new one to out bid you.    


You can snipe manually by sitting in front of your computer or there are companies that provide a sniping service for a fee where you set you max bid and they will place it for you seconds before the auction ends.


One company is Auction Sniper http://www.auctionsniper.com/?who=vnpSOYp0qdPjpU8M8uvTRQ%3d%3d


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2) Auctions are binding contracts
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You just bid your maximum, in mechanically the same way you are bidding now (e.g. typing in the amount in the bid box, clicking the place bid button, reviewing the confirm screen (never rush this), and clicking the confirm button.


ANY bid made on an eBay auction is treated as a "maximum bid" for purposes of the proxy a/k/a automatic bid system.  It is not an option you do something to opt into or out of:  it is simply how eBay auctions work:  highest bidder wins but the price s/he pays is calculated based primarily on what the second highest bidder's maximum bid is; and eBay hides the full amount of the winner's/leader's bid(s) to the extent it (or any of them if more than one) exceeds that calculated price ("current bid" while the auction is still running, which is simply what the price will be if there is no further bid activity).