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How do I check the number of 'watchers' on an item?

I'm currently bidding on my first item - how do I check it's number of watchers? A friend is giving me bidding tips & told me to keep an eye on other interested buyers. I'm beginning to believe that the seller chooses whether or not they want the number of watchers to be seen..

Accepted Solution
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in reply to learn2love

Actually, sellers cannot control if the number of watchers is shown on the listing.  eBay is playing with the look of the site again and sometimes a listing will show the number of watchers and sometimes will not.  And to be honest, the number of watchers really means nothing.  People put listings on their watch list for many reasons and most are not actually interested in bidding on the item.

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in reply to learn2love

Your 'friend' has given you unuseful advice and made you paranoid.


Not all listings show the number of watchers.  

Not all watchers turn into bidders.


Sellers have no control over whether number of watchers is displayed. 


Why do you care how many watchers there are?  

I watch many items with no intention of ever bidding.   I watch for

my own reasons....as do thousands of others.


Bid what you are willing to pay for the item and not a cent more.

However, don't bid in even increments, bid $10.08 vs $10.00 as

an example.


If someone else bids more, tell yourself they paid too much.


Usually, another seller comes along with the same item for sale

should you lose an auction.




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in reply to learn2love

I say never underestimate watchers-one of them may be a sniper just waiting for the very end.  :catwink:

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in reply to learn2love

In My eBay > Bidding there is a column that shows the number of hits and watchers.  You can just go there and look.


The seller can add a hit counter to the actual listing, but many don't as it just makes the listing busier.