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Community Member
Posts: 8
Registered: ‎10-27-2007

eBay toolbar alerts stopped working

Earlier this week, my eBay toolbar alerts stopped working.  I no longer receive the pop-up alerts when an item is nearing end or when I am outbid.  As a result, I forgot to bid on over a dozen items because I'm so dependant on the alert.  I'm using IE9 by the way.


The "Refresh toolbar" option is low-lighted and cannot be selected.  I opted to uninstall the toolbar and completely re-install the toolbar.  Still no luck.


I began to search to see if others were having similar issues.  TONS of people are having the same issue.  One person even claimed that eBay tol him 20% of all customers were randomly selected to have their toolbar alert deactivated.  After calling eBay, I learned this is simply untrue.  (Sorry dude but you're now under investigation) 


eBay seems to tell everyone with problems the same thing.  Go to the bottom of the page, select Smiley Frustratedite Map" and scroll down to the bottom of the page and on the left side of the page select "eBay Toolbar".  This leads to a page that allows you to download IE9 but I already have IE9.  It also shows you how to "Pin" eBay but that option is useless.  (That page also has a link for a video but when I click it and press Play, it says "This video is Private".  (How rude)  I also found a link leading to the download sight for the eBay toolbar but I already have that toolbar.


It seems the latest Microsoft Update has affected the toollbar and renders it useless.  I've learned that no one knows the answer and many others are having the same problem.


If anyone knows how to actually solve the problem, let me know.

Community Member
Posts: 709
Registered: ‎12-21-2010

Re: eBay toolbar alerts stopped working

in reply to ericaduhs

If it was a Microsoft update, you may be able to return to the previous version and get it to work that way. I'm sure ebay will come up with a fix sometime. In the meantime, the Bugs section might be a better place for this. Good Luck.

Community Member
Posts: 5
Registered: ‎09-11-2005

Re: eBay toolbar alerts stopped working

in reply to ericaduhs

I have left feedback to Google and it takes DAYS to get a response. This is even a link from the "extention" itself.  I SURE WISH we could get back the original toolbar that was in place when the toolbar was first put in place. It worked on ANY browser... Internet Explorer, Google, Firefox or who knows what others. The Google Toolbar "sound" being a soft CLUNK vs the original "PING" has been a beef from day one, but was something I could live with. I have requested a change to the 20 minute alert or at least the capability of selecting a lower time frame. Who sits and waits on ONE listing for 20 minutes in advance? As with everything else, I scratch my head, wondering where do we go to request a repair or even get the toolbar back as a "tool" to help us buy and sell?


Community Member
Posts: 18
Registered: ‎06-20-2008

Re: eBay toolbar alerts stopped working

in reply to ericaduhs

yes. ebay toolbar does not work, I called and they told me they do not have aletts anymore, therefore i have lost a lot of items

because I am not being worned about outbis etc etc, ebay will be soon loosing a lot of customers

Community Member
Posts: 3
Registered: ‎07-15-2004

Re: eBay toolbar alerts stopped working

in reply to churchglatin

their going to loose alot of bids too for not having the alerts. guess we'll just have to put in our top bid for what we want and see if we win?