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Community Member
Accepted Solution
Why did I get blocked from bidding?
Posts: 3
Registered: ‎02-28-2013

I placed a bid and five minutes later the seller cancelled my bid and blocked me I read the reason was because the seller thought I was a buyer who is never satisfied and always left negative feedback.


What? My feedback score is 100%  I have no bid retractions I do have two cases that where opened but both cases turned out to be in my favor


I guess I should not take it personal but I guess I am


I just dont understand the bases of the sellers decision to block me from bidding

Accepted Solution
Community Member
Posts: 17,003
Registered: ‎11-02-2006
in reply to l..l12

Your feedback score will be 100% because buyers can't receive negative feedback. It is the negatives you left that caused you to be blocked. Sellers look at the feedback buyers leave to determine if they want to do business with the buyer. This seller decided that he/she didn't want to take a chance on you. Nothing you can do about it.


In the future think carefully before leaving less than positive feedback, and when you do leave it make sure others understand why you left it.


"If the world were ruled by women then there would be no war… just a couple of nations not talking with each other."

Other Answers: 7
Community Member
Posts: 7,709
Registered: ‎06-17-2005
in reply to l..l12

You were blocked because seller was leery of feedback they might receive and/or a complicated transaction based on what you left for other sellers.


There are times negative feedback is justified - but comments like "nasty" or denoting poor customer service tend to sound like the buyer is expecting more than normally delivered. Just the impression left.




Community Member
Posts: 1,345
Registered: ‎07-23-2005
in reply to l..l12


That argument you got into with a seller that resulted in a string of red negs and nastiness will follow you for quite while, I'm afraid. 


Whether you won the case or not, that type of vitriol left in feedbacks only serves to make you feel better in the short run. Unfortunately, the negative effect on your ebay ID will last alot longer. 

Community Member
Posts: 2,419
Registered: ‎01-01-2011
in reply to l..l12

A seller can cancel bids for an ID for any reason and placw the ID on their BBL (Blocked Bidder List). Sellers read a buyer's feedback history during the listing time. The feedback a buyer gives to a seller is the most critical feedback since sellers use that to gauge if they want to do business with you. Since you have been blocked by the seller you have no choice other than move on to another seller. But beware the same could happen.


BTW - Both of the negatives you gave sellers appear to be a delivery issue. Sellers only have control over a shipment up until the shipment is placed in a carrier's pocession. If a seller ships within their stated time and loads the tracking information, that's all that can be done initially. Problems do occur especially with USPS and more so now since Jan 27,  2013. It does appear you contacted and blamed a seller for a carrier's delay. And it appears you might have received an item after a case was closed in your favor for "Item Not Received." Did you not receive ever, Did you not return if already refunded?  Rather than argue you would have been better off to attempt explaining. As soon as we read the reply from a seller that you blamed them for a USPS problem, your ID was copied and pasted in our BBL as soon as possible. We agree with the seller


Community Member
Posts: 3,085
Registered: ‎04-06-2005
in reply to l..l12

Out of 45 feedbacks you've left, three of them are Negatives.  This seller didn't want to risk being number four.




Community Member
Posts: 9,919
Registered: ‎05-23-2007
in reply to l..l12

He read your feedback and saw how you slammed that seller back in November.   So he blocked you.   That's the risk you take when you go overboard with giving out negative feedback.

Community Member
Posts: 1,466
Registered: ‎05-16-2006
in reply to l..l12

If positive is all you can get, having 100% positive is meaningless.


"I just dont understand the bases of the sellers decision to block me from bidding"


I saw 3 reasons for the seller to block you.

Community Member
Posts: 1,363
Registered: ‎06-30-2012
in reply to l..l12

as said buyer feedbask received is meaning less to seller's (you can only get posatives, no matter what) the feedback left is one of the few tools a seller has to see what kind of person you are and how the transaction is likely to proceed