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Community Member
Accepted Solution
What to do when a buyer doesn't pay and doesn't respond to Un-Paid Item Case?
Posts: 14
Registered: ‎03-27-2008

So I had an item for sale which had tons of bids and people were literally biding every second to win. At the last seconds a buyer out bided everyone and won the listing. I sent an invoice and she never paid. I sent her a message 3 days later and she responded with, "I will pay tomorrow when I get paid." The next day rolled around and nothing...3 days later I opened an Un-Paid item dispute case. She never responded to the dispute. Everyone on her feedback is leaving comments saying "No Communication, never paid" however they are all positive feedbacks. I want this buyer as well as other buyers who have no intentions on following the buyer policy to stay away from my listing. What do I to if a buyer doesn't pay nor responds to an open case and how do we keep non paying bidders away from our listing especially if there feedbacks says 100% positive.

Accepted Solution
Community Member
Posts: 9,351
Registered: ‎09-25-2004
in reply to ms.exalted1

Treasurecove stated: Sellers can only leave Buyers positive feedback. Just leave the same feedback


Do NOT give the buyer a Positive feedback with a Negative message. That is a policy violation. In addition, it's useless. It doesn't hurt the buyer's standing with eBay and it doesn't block them from bidding on other sellers' listings.


Put the nonpaying buyer on your Blocked Bidder List so they can NEVER bid or BIN your listings ever again.


Cancel any other bids they have on your active listings. Remember, even an outbid bid entry can become the winning bid if all bids above it are retracted or cancelled before the listing ends.


Open and close the Unpaid Item dispute.


  • You have been charged the Final Value fee on this listing. Closing the UPI dispute with the buyer not paying will remove the FVF from your eBay bill.
  • The nonpaying buyer will get a UPI Stirke. If at least two of the sellers they have stiffed do this, EVERY seller can automatically block them from bidding for a year by just setting up the Unpaid Item automatic block.
  • The nonpaying buyer can no longer buy the item. You can then offer theitem to another bidder from that listing with the Second Chance link - but ONLY one. Or you can relist the item and sell it again to someone else with no worry about the deadbeat coming back and paying for the original listing.
  • The nonpaying buyer can not leave feedback, or if they already did, you can have it removed.
Other Answers: 5
Community Member
Posts: 12,324
Registered: ‎01-10-2006
[ Edited ]
in reply to ms.exalted1

1.  After 4 days since you opened the UID, go back to the Resolution Center and close it out for the reason that you have still not been paid.


2.  Do NOT leave such feedback.  That is a policy violation that if reported will get the comment (but NOT the positive rating) removed AND count as a strike on your account.




3.  Put the buyer on your Blocked Buyers List.


4.  Set your Buyer Requirements to block anyone with 2 Unpaid Item strikes in the past 12 months.


(Those really should be #1 and #2).

Community Member
Posts: 5,803
Registered: ‎05-26-2005
in reply to ms.exalted1

You have to CLOSE the unpaid item case, giving the buyer a nonpayment strike. The strikes don't show on the buyer's public record, but sellers can choose to automatically block bidders who have gotten 2 or more nonpayment strikes in the past year.


If you don't close the case before the 36th day after the transaction it will expire. That means no strike for the buyer and no final value fee credit for you.

Community Member
Posts: 2,587
Registered: ‎06-13-2012
in reply to ms.exalted1

Close the unpaid item case as unpaid 4 days after you opened it.  Buyer will get a strike, you will get a credit for fees and then you can offer a 2nd chance to next bidder or relist it.


If the buyer has a history of not paying, that means sellers who have not educated them selves yet to open and close UPI case and to go to their site preferences and tick the box that says block buyers with 2 or more strikes in 12 months.  Meaning if all sellers did this then the non-paying buyers would not be buying much of anything on ebay until strikes age off after a year.

Community Member
Posts: 4,156
Registered: ‎07-15-2013
[ Edited ]
in reply to ms.exalted1

Sellers can only leave Buyers positive feedback.  Just leave the same feedback and follow-up with your unpaid case.  Once you get your resolution that will give that buyer a strike which with 2 strikes Sellers can block her from bidding.  With 3 or more strikes eBay will review her account and will either suspend her or close her account.


Once this is resolved, you can make a 2nd chance offer to the person who had the next highest bidder.  Also, if you have not you should set your preferences that will not allow bidders with 2 or more strikes to bid on your auction..


If she leaves you negative feedback, remember once you close the case with eBay she can not leave you negative on a non-paid item so all you need to do if she does is contact eBay to have it removed.



Community Member
Posts: 4,236
Registered: ‎11-27-2006
in reply to ms.exalted1

"Just leave the same feedback"


Shaking my head at that advice


Smiley Sad


I want to make sure you know that leaving Positve FB for a buyer that contains negative comments is against eBay policy and could result in YOU getting a strike on your seller account.






Woof! Woof!