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Community Member
Proxy Bidding
Posts: 9
Registered: ‎10-10-2011

What are signs I should be aware of if Seller is using Proxy bidder

to increase the price of an item encouraging higher bidding?

Other Answers: 7
Community Member
Posts: 7,596
Registered: ‎04-30-2008
in reply to michie06

Sellers don't use Proxy bidding

Buyers do


Bid the most you are willing to pay

as late in the auction as you can

You either win or someone else paid to much


What difference does it make to you how the bid was placed?

Delivery Confirmation is now called "Tracking"

BUT seems to still be Delivery Confirmation

Copy & Paste from USPS site >>

If you shipped with Express Mail®, you’ll get point-by-point tracking details. If you used another service—USPS Tracking™, Certified Mail™, Registered Mail™ —you’ll see when it went out for delivery.
Community Member
Posts: 3,161
Registered: ‎02-11-2004
in reply to michie06

Proxy bidding is NOT shill bidding. In fact, eBay places proxy bids for you. If you read the Help pages, you'll see that you are using the term incorrectly.


Proxy bidding
The feature of an auction-style listing in which eBay automatically bids on the buyer's behalf, up to the maximum amount they set. Enter the maximum amount you're willing to spend on an item, and eBay will continue to bid incrementally for you until either you're the high bidder or your maximum is reached. This means you don't have to keep coming back to bid every time someone else places a bid.



Proxy bidding is also used at live auctions if the potential buyer cannot attend. That's not shill bidding either.


We know what shill bidding is; we don't need examples. You need to learn the correct terminology.

Community Member
Posts: 26,866
Registered: ‎01-23-2011
in reply to michie06



It is against ebay policy for sellers to use proxy (shill) bids. ...But it still happens. Shill bids are when a seller has someone other than himself bid on items to drive up the price.


The way to check this is to see if bids have been cancelled on his sales very often. That is a dead giveaway. ie..a bidder increases bids the minimum several times, THEN the top bid is cancelled. Probably a shill bid.


Ebay can also check to see if the bids are coming from the same internet address. If you report it to them, they will check. If there is shill bidding going on, all proxies will be dumped and the seller will get punished severly.

Community Member
Posts: 26,866
Registered: ‎01-23-2011
in reply to michie06

HERE is an example of proxy bidding:


Buyer A bids $60.01...on an item with a $10 starting price


Buyer b bids $11.00

Buyer b bids $12.00

Buyer b bids $13.00


This continues until buyer b bids $60.00, which exposes the bid of buyer A at 60.01.


buyer b then stops bidding (as he does not really want the item, he just wants to get the seller as much as possible).


If buyer b has any connection to the seller THAT is a shill bid.


If buyer b actually winds up as the top bidder, the seller will cancel the bid to keep from buying it himself.

Community Member
Posts: 9,977
Registered: ‎05-23-2007
in reply to michie06

Here's an example of proxy bidding:


an item starts off at 99c


buyer A bids $10


Auction shows buyer A winning at 99c


Buyer B bids $4


auction shows buyer A winning at $4.25


That's proxy bidding.   Buyer A just bid his maximum and let Ebay handle it for him.  He will continue to be the winning bidder until someone bids more than $10.




Community Member
Posts: 26,866
Registered: ‎01-23-2011
in reply to michie06

You guys need to check out proxy bidding.


It is not what you are thinking, and is certainly not ebay's system bids

Community Member
Posts: 2,133
Registered: ‎02-12-2009
in reply to michie06

i take it you mean shilling and not proxy (mistaken verbage).


and those folks get away with it, what, one percent of the time? it's not nearly as prevalent as some people think it is. ebay has many systems in place to detect and stifle it.


if not, there would be no ebay. but i suspect a lot more shilling went on in the early years.