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how long does a buyer have to put in a claim?

How long does a buyer have to put claims in

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You probably wouldn't have to put in a claim at all if you would contact your seller and give them a chance to make things right.

Most will, eagerly, if you just give them a chance.


The resolution center is for later, if you can't work together.

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Last dates, if you don't get the item you won or in the condition as advertised:


● 03 days after the estimated delivery date or 07 days after payment date (if you weren't given an estimated delivery date):  First date to file with eBay.  Consider pulling seller's ID info and phoning him/her if emails remain unanswered.


● 07 days after payment: PayPal recommends sellers ship within 7 days of payment to avoid Seller Protection problems.


● 20 days after payment:  Seller can lose PayPal privileges if item not sent by this date


● 30 days after payment: last date for sellers in the USA to ship  without violating Federal Trade Commission rules. (If no earlier date was specified in the auction, and no Delay Option notice was approved by buyer)


● 45 days after payment:  last date for buyer to file a Dispute with PayPal, through the  PayPal Resolution Center (to get a refund, the Dispute must  be escalated to a Claim within 20 days).  (Note: if you file with PayPal, you cannot file with eBay, and vice-versa)


● 45 days after payment: last date for buyer to file a Case with eBay, through the eBay Resolution Center.  Buyers must escalate the case 7 - 20 days after the filing date,  or eBay will  close it in the seller's favor after about 21 days. (The seller has approximately 7 days from the time you open the case to reply. You should receive a refund within about 3 days of the seller promising a refund or within about 10 days of the seller receiving the returned item. If you haven't received a refund by then, contact eBay through the  eBay Resolution Center or the eBay  Contact us link.


Note:  The "Escalate the Case" prompt might not appear, unless sufficient time has passed (at least 7 days), and you click on the "Respond to Case" prompt.  Keep track of the status and details of your case in the eBay Resolution Center.  Buyers should have received specific information, and further instructions in the email they received from eBay, after filing the Case.



● 60 days after Credit Card invoice: May be last date for buyer to file a chargeback with Credit Card company (although some CC companies allow 90 days) (Note: If you file a CC Chargeback, that will invalidate any PayPal or eBay claim process)


● 6 months after purchase: last date to file a Mail Fraud Complaint (this may not get your money refunded)






Got Scammed?  Here is a list of places to which primarily USA buyers (but there are some international links as well),  can complain:



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45 days with eBay/PayPal.

Chargeback timeframe is longer with credit card companies.