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how do I put my ebay account in vacation mode?

I am going away for a few days at the end of next week. I want to post items to sell, but I want people to know I will be away. How do I put my account in vacation mode...or tell people I will be away for a few days? Thanks.

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in reply to jeanjeanjewelry11

The Vacation Notice is available only to eBay Store Owners

You are not a Store owner.


Suggest you cancel any listings that might be affected by your absence.



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in reply to jeanjeanjewelry11

Don't have any Fixed Price listings or Auctions with Buy It Now while you are gone.  Having a paying buyer and not being able to ship in a timely manner is sure to lead to unhappy customers who show it in their feedback and DSRs.


I would suggest having only Auctions listed (no BIN) that will end after you return home.  And only then if you will have internet access so that you can answer buyer questions in a timely manner.


Then there is no need to tell any potential buyers that you will be away.  Better off that way if anyone knows your address.

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in reply to jeanjeanjewelry11

You should not be listing items so close to your vacation.

You are required to complete your transaction...so either end your listings or take the items with you and ship accordingly.


You will also still need to monitor your account if you have had transactions in the last 45 days....for questions, problems, returns, refunds, disputes etc etc.



It is not your buyers problem that you are going away.