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ebay won't let me list my all my items?

I keep getting a 30 day error limit every time I try to relist or post new. Some of the items I'm trying to list were only on for 7 days or not at all yet? How do I contact someone do fix this so I can list my items

Accepted Solution
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in reply to laurayuba

Yep, seller limit issues. Check out the tutorial on them in your "my ebay".


You may be able to get them to increase your limits by calling and asking. The limits will eventually disappear if you keep everything clean.

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in reply to laurayuba

So .... you didn't bother to read what ebay TELLS sellers to read - huh?


ALL sellers have LIMITS.  Some are items listed, some are category limits, etc., etc., etc.


If ebay says YOU CAN NOT LIST IT - then you can't list it.


Try again in December.

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in reply to laurayuba

Shipping charges are outrageous!

$7.50 to ship a toddler size 6 sweatshirt from CA  via Parcel Post?    It could get to Hawaii for $5.


That shipping rate won't help your limits as your DSRs will take a hit.