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What is the best day and time to have auctions end?

Being new to selling, what have more expierenced sellers found to be the best day and time to have auctions end???

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in reply to bluehearts*02

Hi blue:


Having had conversations with a lot of top gun sellers, and in my own experience, there really isn't any best time.


Some sellers say have the items end on Fridays so you will have all day Saturday and Sunday to package for shipment on Monday.


Some sellers think that you should end the listings on a week-end so more people are at home.


Since the savvy buyers don't care as they know how to bid (bid the maximum you will pay for the item plus a few cents for a tie breaker) it does not matter.


I just send the items up when I get them ready and have had good luck with that.


Good luck and please visit the Answer Center each day, read a few pages.  I recommend it.



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