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How to set a reserve price

Do I need to set a reserve if I don't want an item to sell below a certain price? How is it done?

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in reply to mommakingnzmeet10

Ditto to Mr Katz's answer..


As your auctions stand right now, you will need to sell to the high bidder, no matter what the price..

and if I might give you some other suggestions...

You can increase your chances of getting a good price items by writing effective titles, including more photos and giving more details in your description.


Look at the way successful sellers list their items.

See all the information they put into their titles ? The size, the brand, the condition , the color etc ?

People search for items  using keywords in the title.. you want to make sure that your items are found by putting as many keywords as possible into the title.


BTW, you are selling only 1 jogging suit.. your title sounds like you have more than 1..


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in reply to mommakingnzmeet10

eBay charges a fee for setting a reserve price.


Save yourself some money but just starting the bidding at the minimum price you are willing to accept.

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in reply to mommakingnzmeet10

Right now if you only get one bid on that jogging suit, you are obligated to sell it for $ .99


A BIN is not a reserve, it is there to give someone a chance to BIN & not have to go through the bidding process to win it.  You can put a reserve on an item, but it costs $2 more to your listing fees.  If it doesn't sell, you are going to pay that $2 each time you list, so as stated by the others, start your listings at a price you are happy with if you only get 1 bid.  You need to change all your auctions immediately before you get more bids.


As far as the jogging suit, you would need to cancel that bidder before you could revise or end the listing. 

=^^= Save a stray today.