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How do you I find a product number on ebay items?

I can't find the product number anywhere and would be greatfully healpfull intracking my package4...

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If by "product number" you mean item number, that can be found on the right side just above the description area in the listing. That number will not help you track your items though. If the seller shipped with Delivery Confirmation or UPS tracking then you would need those numbers to track your item. Delivery Confirmation isn't really tracking and is used to prove delivery.


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You mean "tracking number"? Possibly the seller didn't ship with one. He's not required to.

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if you are talking about the tracking number, on your purchase history tab, it should be directly below the titel fo the item, tracking number:  If it is not there, the seller didn't use ebay postage, and didn't enter it manually when he mailed it from the post office, if it was domestic mail... If it was international mail, chances are there wasn't one to begin with.  

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