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Registered: ‎08-25-2012
How do I list the number of items available at the same price if I have more than one of the same thing?

I have 4 concert tickets for sale but the listing looks like you can get all 4 for one price when I intended to sell 4 at that price EACH.  How do I list a quantity available?

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in reply to barnmgr

You need to list as FIXED PRICE - and then MULTIPLES.


Your AUCTION is for all 4 tickets.


See screen shot for Auction/Fixed Price options on listing form.

To see the attachment full screen find and click on
the little arrow >
that is to the LEFT of the paperclip symbol and the words 1 Attachment

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in reply to barnmgr

Well, you better fix your auction, since it is for ALL 4 tickets. Or end it and list properly.


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in reply to barnmgr

If you really want to auction these tickets then list them as 1 lot of 4 tickets and set your opening bid at the least amount you are willing to take for all four tickets.


If you want to sell them for a fixed price you have two choices, 1 lot of 4 tickets as above or 1 ticket with 4 available and hope you do not sell just 1, 2, or 3 leaving you stuck with the rest.

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in reply to barnmgr

The OP has not yet fixed the listing ... and will be in for a surprise if somebody wins!


Item number 300799078750
Event Name Joe Bonamassa Tickets 11/24/12 (Washington D.C.)
Event Time 8:00 PM
Venue Name Warner Theatre (Washington D.C.)
Number of Tickets 4

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in reply to barnmgr

You cannot list an "each" price in auction format.