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eBay Stores Sellers: Boost Item Visibility in Ten New Categories with Promoted Listings

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Verified Blogger
With promoted listings, eBay’s latest advertising service, you can increase the likelihood of a sale by putting your multi-quantity items in front of buyers who are actively shopping. Your ads can appear in prominent locations on eBay, such as the first page of search increasing the likelihood of a sale and driving more traffic to your listings. Best of all, you only pay the ad rate you select (1-20% of your final sale price) when your ad is clicked and the item is purchased, so it’s risk-free to try.

Promoted listings is now available in the following categories:

  • Books

  • Music

  • DVDs & Movies

  • Entertainment Memorabilia

  • Office

  • Retail & services

  • Business & Industrial

  • Art

  • Tickets & Experiences

  • Gift Cards & Coupons

Anchor Stores subscribers: Don’t forget—you receive credits of $25 per quarter to use towards promoted listings*. These credits expire at the end of every quarter, so take advantage of them and start promoting listings today!

For more info, check out our promoted listings video, and download our PDF guides ‘Getting Started with Promoted Listings’ and ‘Stand Out with Online Advertising’. Click here for the complete list of available categories.

*Credits will appear on eBay invoice.

What about antiquities?

by mam98031 · Rockstar



You may find the information you seek on a more current announcement.  This one is from last year.