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The United States Postal Service proposed to raise rates on First-Class Mail Parcels (FCMP) weighing between 1-3 ounces. If approved, these new rates would go into effect on August 28, 2016.

The proposed new USPS rates are as follows:

1-3oz First Class Mail Parcel Retail:

Currently $2.45
Proposed $2.62

1-3oz First Class Package Service via eBay labels:

Currently $2.45
Proposed $2.60

We are giving sellers an early heads-up to make sure they have the latest on anything that might affect their business.

We will continue to keep sellers posted on any news related to the proposed rates. For more information on this rate increase, please refer to the Notice of Price Adjustment PDF.

Hello I am a novice seller and now in one month my business I ran into an unpleasant experience with tracking goods shipped to Japan. The item is in Sistema USPS never displayed, and customers so could not check whether the purchased goods were not dispatched and he could follow the path of their goods. It is very annoying paypal accepted a measure that stopped me on the faces another month. I think they should improve these problems. judy


Ref: USPS Increases. In 5 years I have seen costs go up while quality and "desired ability" to move USPS by the system has changed drastically. I've not read about 2-3 more increases in next 6 months. My service has changed drastically. Seems Priority get attention while regular old first class is a chore to distribute. Nobody has mentioned approximately 2 years ago the postal service had through legislation the changing of USPS workers having Saturdays off. My priority USPS (they'll take first class mail but definately working priority mail, picking up & dropping off. Told me how certain % of carrier were delivering for Amazon and Another Business on weekends and after 5pm. Great better to fly the Airplane Full capacity than half full and lower price! (1970's Revelation). But the legislation, maybe called a different legal term but know the end result was Saturdays were going to be like a Sunday for Postal Workers. Needless to say the Saturday OFF DID NOT HAPPEN. Since hearing this I have noticed all the steps to be used handling mail is hit and miss. I was told lot of people retired and a lot of new workers. I live in an affuluent area of Town where historically I was amazed at even the postal service. Now getting a USPS signoff on my mail may show up first half way to it's destination, in 3 states over. I don't know the salary grade but I do know pride, and if these individuals don't want to represent USPS with pride then they need to take their uniform off, give to somebody who does make us proud. Pricing comes from Who? I've talkedd about the inverse relationsihp between Benefit and Cost, Basic Economics. If we pay more theory says for equilibrium we should have an equal increase in benefits, to keep the status-quo. Apologize for using layman's terms. Just find it embarassing when I can't tell my customer when his mail will approximately be delivered, that is first class mail. which from 2013 til 2016 first class mail was delivered with precision, You didn't have to pay $6-7 just to abide by letting my customer know when their packages are delivered. Half are not open on Saturday and that's definately a day Priority Rules. Was told first class is. rarely touched on weekends.

Sorry for my rage, But to be shown respect and command higher prices the entity should give back a benefit to the user. Lot of Businesses still hold first class at 3 days. Ship from SW USA to Miami FL, see when it gets there, ship it on a Friday first class. Every Postal Service Office should see the results of their current business practices. Nothing personal to USPS Workers, anybody! Just don't see it ever return to pre-1915 or pre-1916, I'm getting old, you young ones take over on these issues too!  

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This thread is from last year.  These increases have already happened months ago.  You may want to find a more current thread to post your comments on.