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Verified Blogger
On Sunday the Post Office unveiled new decreased shipping rates. While this was great news for eBay customers, it also created an unexpected side-effect.

The USPS Pickup Scheduling website includes the Mail Class “Other”, which refers to First Class Package Service, Media Mail, and Parcel Select Ground. Prior to April 10, customers were able to schedule a free pickup for packages in the “Other” mail class without including Priority Mail, Priority Mail Express, Returns, or International.

However, when the April 10 rate changes were implemented, the USPS Pickup Scheduling website changed to support scheduling pickups for “Other” Mail Classes only when customers also included at least one Priority Mail, Priority Mail Express, Returns, or International package.

This problem has been identified at USPS, and the Post Office is currently working on a solution. We expect the previous Scheduled Pickup functionality to be restored soon and will update this post once we receive confirmation.

In the meantime, we have arranged a workaround solution that will suffice until normal functionality is restored. Sellers who wish to schedule a pickup on First Class Package Service, Media Mail, and Parcel Select Ground packages should select the “Returns” category.

Workaround_USPS Pickup copy















Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience this might cause. If you encounter any problems with this workaround solution, please reach out to us via eBay messages at @ship_like_a_pro and we will address the issue with the USPS.

For more information on USPS package pickup, visit our Shipping Zone page.