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Shipping Carrier Rate Changes Coming Soon

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Verified Blogger

UPS, FedEx, and USPS have announced their 2017 rate increases taking effect on the following dates (consult the carrier websites linked below for more details):

  • UPS: December 26, 2016
  • FedEx: January 2, 2017
  • USPS: January 22, 2017


The eBay shipping calculator and eBay labels will be updated with these new rates. Make sure your shipping prices on your active listings reflect them, too:

  • If you use calculated shipping, check that all your listings have accurate package weights and measurements. Your listings will show the new rates automatically, once they take effect.
  • If you use flat-rate shipping, review your listings to see if your flat rate covers the price increases. You may have to raise your flat-rate charges to maintain the same profit level.
  • If you offer free shipping, review your listings to see if your prices can absorb the extra costs, or if you should make adjustments to your prices.


Check the chart below to see how each carrier’s rates will be affected. And remember: using eBay labels can help you save up to 25%* on Priority Mail® and up to 37%* on FedEx services. Plus, tracking is uploaded automatically, and you get free supplies and free package pickup!


*For domestic shipping.


FINAL CHART carrier changes 12.15.16.png

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by birdjosh · Adventurer

Shipping prices are getting ridiculiously expensive. I pay 2.60 to ship a 1 ounce item. Smh! Now you're telling me that's going to increase another .10 cents or more. Haha! I hope ebay buyers understand when product prices start skyrocketing to keep up with ebay fee hikes, paypal fees, high shipping costs.


They will simply buy from sellers in China, who can ship the same 1 oz package to your next door neighbor from China, for 26 cents. 

by annie*34 · Adventurer

I wish I knew EXACTLY what a USPS Priority mail flat rate padded envelope was going to cost right now. And it would be nice to know what the first class fees per ounce will be ahead of time! I will have to find out Monday then go and bulk edit my shipping prices. But I can only do this if I sell something and then check all of the pricing then. Why can't eBay tell us these prices right now???

by homeplusco · Adventurer

USPS Media Mail is only increasing 1.10% and N/A Max Savings...That's good news... Smiley Very Happy

by kahunakea808 · Scout


I could be wrong but I can't recall the USPS ever Decreasing rates. 

It seems as though the USPS is constantly increasing their rates.  The USPS debt is a result of THEIR mismanagement.   Don't penalize customers,  for your financial quagmire. 


The Postal system is the only branch of the government that has to be held accountable for their retirement program.  That means they have to put money into retirement for any employee they hire, long before they retire.  Guess who has access to those funds?  Meaning the Postal system upon hiring a 20 year old, has to set up and pay the government for their retirement, regardless of whether they stay with the service or not.  There is suppose to be a major retirement account for these employees.  That being said, because the government makes them pay into this retirement upon hiring an employee, they have to raise costs to cover this funding.  The only branch of the government that has to do this, crazy huh.



Looks like prices for merchandise will have to go up. Besides free shipping is not really free with most merchants. Take an item and do a search, then compare " free shipping" product cost versus product cost where the buyer pays shipping. It works out pretty close on average. Not including the Chinese who sell merchandise for .01 and .05. The exchange rate is awesome for them I guess but who want;s to wait 2 months for thier item ?


by 7hc · Rising Star
Rising Star

Shipping increases are always a bit discouraging. I wonder why we do not subsidize the logistics like they do in other countries. It would make for some crazy good exports.

Still, this information is useful to know ahead of time. Great article.

by catwmnny · Adventurer

Has anyone found out exactly how much they will be going up? 


big shipping charges save money at tax time...

Rising Star

Tried to make a label,and got FedEx user agreement,I declined it,and was unable to print label even using USPS...had to go to PayPal to print..

Forget trying to search the USPS site for prices,they take awhile

to post anything new,and clerks donlt know

Unofficial-I just make my own chart by changing wts on Paypal,

and's what I got:

effective January 22,2017

1st Class Package

1oz- 4oz - $2.61
5oz- 8oz - $2.77
9 oz  -  $3.32
10 oz - $3.46
11 oz - $3.60
12 oz - $3.74
13 oz - $3.88
14  oz -$4.02
15  oz -$4.16
16 oz - $4.30

Priority Flat Rate Envelope -$5.95
Padded Flat Rate Envelope $6.50
1lb -Priority Package ..(your ) =$6.73
Small Flat Rate Box -$6.45
Medium Flat Rate Box -$12.40
Large Flat Rate Box -$17.05

I didn't see a price for the Legal size Flt Rt Env

-as befoire it 'should be' like the padded.


Good Luck -includes ebay's 'Big' Discount.....not!

by colman24 · Adventurer

Boy the links provided to see rates are very clunky and require excel

Try this nice streamlined link folks!


USPS shipping cost has increased 4-5 times in the last 2 years, so my cost has increased but buyers don't realize the Post Office increase especially when some sellers do not increase their shipping rate so the buyers see this and think you are ripping them off, also they do not see that "handling" is not a labor charge but a fee for all the shipping materials. On the Ebay shipping have to really thank all the Ebay sellers who did the scam on ebay in the past when they would list a item for $1 and shipping cost was $50 just so they wouldn't be hit with a final selling fee!!! One thing I do not agree with is Ebay charges a shipping fee, then PayPal charges you a shipping fee in the total amount, since PayPal is an Ebay company, Ebay is double dipping on charges!!  What really hurts sellers is those who sell on Half.Com (another Ebay company) abd the shipping cost there has not increased for years and years and it's impossible to ship any thing out at $2.99 with shipping cost, shipping materials, and the increase fees there at 25% now...all you get from them about raising the cost are a generic message that insults your intelligence!



how many times are they going to go up in a 12 month period. this is crazyy! you want us to keep our customers but charge rediculous prices. 

I'd like to know why this didn't show up on my seller page under announcements?  Knew nothing about it until I went to print shipping today for something that sold yesterday & price has increased. I'm getting frustrated with eBay too not just the post office.


It's high time that eBay revisits their seller fee on shippin...g charges.  I completely understand why they did it, I was mad at those sellers that sold fancy computers for 99 cents plus $1000 shipping as well trying to avoid their fees.  It's easy enough now that most sellers use ebay labels....pretty simple:   ebay refunds the portion of the fee on shipping that relates to the actual postage paid by the seller when printing out an ebay label.





They need to stop charging us the 10% fee on shipping. This is rediculous!

Rising Star

eBay should regulate Domstic Shipping just as they did with Global Shipping.

Seller shoud be allowed to list the item with the weight and dimension other than Flat Rate services. Based on the weight, dimensional weight and distance ebay automatically chose the shipping option for seller. give sellers discount on shipping fees and not allowed any seller to sell item for .99 cents and enter their own shipping such as $200.00 for shipping.In other words do not allow seller to enter their own shipping cost. Stop charging 10% on Shipping. Think invoative instead of just applying 10% on Shipping. Radicoulous.

by pinwheel33 · Adventurer

 This sucks!!. The small sellers get hit again!!. There's no money to be made.

by kunaqueen · Adventurer

I can't deal with eBay any more.  Even though the postal rates are not their fault so much of what they do and say is against us small sellers.  Does anyone know any better sites to sell on?  I have to get out of eBay but i have too much stock to just close my store.  i appreciate any feedback.  Thanks.

by lilbizybee · Adventurer

I know it's only 4% on First Class Parcel but... COME ON! This sucks. Smiley Frustrated

I need to reevaluate to see what items I can ship using Forever Postage stamps. $1.20 (2 forever stamps + 1 extra ounce stamp) VERSUS $2.61 First Class Parcel.

by a*cute · Adventurer

Buyers always thought sellers charge too expensive in shipping fee, as I am seller myself I only charge $3-$7, I lost after eBay fee plus supplies, they left me a low rating because of this. I wish eBay could let they know that we didn't charge over price. 


I wish this would have been posted in the announcements section on the My eBay page like you always used to -- I got a RUDE awakening today going to print labels and taking hits on my profits without being made better aware! I lost quite a bit of money today because you chose not to put this in the section you ALWAYS put it before! So **bleep**!!!

I just found:

"New Community and Seller Center Sites Launch Today"

It was posted 10/27/16 here in this so called eBay Community (that I never visit), but I have nothing in my Announcements section on my seller page since 

10/24/16:  Sellers: New Replacement and Exchange Options Now Available


So how were we supposed to know to look elsewhere for announcements after 10/24/16?  I can't even find a  message from eBay about this change.  I have always just clicked on the link in the announcement section on the seller page to read announcements.  No wonder so many of us didn't have a clue about shipping rate changes.  I really need to find someplace else to sell  stuff, but where?  eBay fees are sky high & now shipping rates have gone up yet again.  eBay's gotten to be rediculous!  I'm soooooo frustrated!

Rising Star

Wait just 1 second...... where are these Drones that we have coming? OHHH never mind, keep jacking up the rates and then introduce the drones but do not, I repeat, DO NOT lower the rates.... get people to accept and deal with the rates and just keep them there, yep more profit.

by tao123cats · Adventurer

I read every message from eBay and did not get this. I just called and asked for a message to be sent to all eBay members.The representative did not know about the change. I am furious.



You can find all announcements by clicking the "announcements" link at the bottom of most eBay pages. If you are using the seller hub, you can fund announcements on the sh landing page.

by tao123cats · Adventurer

USPS website rate list shows rates up to 13 oz. for first class packages. It used to be up to 16 oz. Please explain and put this in an announcement to sellers. Note: I read all my messages in my regular messages page, but my laptop doesn't show announcements on my seller hub unless I  scroll down, so I didn't see this announcement.


Ebay should stop charging commission for shipping because that of the discount would be a trick

Rising Star

7 year Top rated power seller here. I'm selling off my remaing inventory and then I'm done selling on Ebay. I sell lower priced items so i need lower shipping costs & Ebay / Paypal fees. The price of the product goes up, the shipping charges go WAY up, the fees go up but the sale prices stay the same. Then the USPS will lose an item or deliver to a wrong address and i have to ship a relacement item or refund the purchase on me. But Ebay keeps their final value fees & the USPS keeps their postage. So i lose double time! Its just not worth it any more. I'm jumping off of this sinking ship. Luckily I didn't quit my day job.


why cant ebay calculate shipping on all shipping and only charge what it will cost to ship and then they wont have to worry about people over charging on shipping and then they wont have to charge the sellers on shipping fees something can be figured out this is 2017 i would like to be fair about but this the small guy cant always take the hit its came to the point point its not ecomonomical to sell on ebay plus keep all customers happy all the time is almost impossibe


I am with most here, you can't tell me that ebay and paypal both have to charge fees for the shipping.  Surely if they want to keep the smaller busineses they could figure this out. 


Next time please also notify us the day the rates go up or the day prior.  I'm constantly redoing my shipping chats every few months.  Get Trump to help negotiate better rates.  


Can someone direct me to exactly where these "eBay charges on shipping" fees actually can be found. A lot of people are saying this but I want to see where this is actually showing up. Is this itemized in your selling fees? Or in paypal? I'm not seeing it. 


And my other comment is if you're a "business" and trying to make a profit, then raise your listing prices to cover the cost of these increases and fees. That what a business does, if the fees go up, pass that along to you your buyers. For instance if I have a listing that goes unsold I don't take a loss in it, I raise the price $1 the second time I list it to cover my fees. So if I'm getting charged extra fees, my listing prices automatically are going to go up $.50 -$1.00 to cover my fees on every item I list. It's expensive to pay all these eBay fees - I've been selling here for over 10 years - so you really have to get your business skills sharpened and run the numbers so that fees are not eating your profits away. Higher fees mean higher listing prices. Shipping should be a side equation because that's not part of the main profit margin. You can get a slight discount on your shipping labels printed through PayPal/eBay and you need to factor those discounts in as well. The simple fact is that eBay and PayPal are businesses and they want to make money just like you do. Thier fees are going to go up always. Sellers need to ride that wave and go right with it and raise your listing prices.


Also, if you choose the option when you list your items to use calculated shipping then eBay does this for you. I always use that option and have no problems. If you are choosing a fixed shipping price then you wil l experience more issues with shipping over these changes and lose money on higher shipping. I do not offer free shipping and always use the "calculated" shipping option. 


**also USPS also had this thing they call "regional A and regional B" shipping boxes. These are suppposed to be a cheaper shipping option. I've ordered the boxes through usps but can't use them because they are not an option in the shipping drop down box. Asked my post office and they have no idea what they are or how to use them. If anyone has used those please let me know. Thanks!


I haven't seen any Shipping Discounts at all since the beginning of January. I know they raised the rates but they also took away the Discounts?!?!? Might be time to close up.


Well, I venture to say that USPS has not raised the rates for e-packages, but that's okay; Americans never seem to have a problem absorbing corporatate losses, why would they now? So, either absorb that cost or watch as customers slowly coming around to purchasing eBay China, because everything went up except their salary... and the e-package rates.

by autofixxx · Adventurer

 It was reported  last fall that the USPS will be closing many Post Offices soonj. Although the buildings were built with taxpayer money it was also reported that the USPS will reap the benefits of the building sales. The notice also stated that an "independant" Real Estate firm would handle the sales. By the way, that firm is run by Senator Diane Feinsteins husband. Imagine that!! He stands to reap millions in commisions and the USPS would reap the profits from the sales.  I have yet to hear anything different from that story from this pasdt fall. You, as a consumer, may want to look into this. So why the increase you ask ???? 


Has anybody noticed that the cost of a registered letter from the US to Europe now is $16.10, whereas the cost of a registered letter from Europe to the US is about $4.50. This puts US sellers (like me, for example) at a big disadvantage when competing with European sellers who sell similar items.


Yayyyy, higher fees! Yippeee!


Thanks e-bay for the update and the discounts, it's appreciated.

Rising Star

The bogus ebay discount to shipping price is garbage too. The discount is only to counter the shipping rate fee. Smoke and Mirrors!

by i_luv_wwe · Adventurer

 Maybe Ebay could give Top Sellers an extra 5% discount on top of the 20 already in place to offset our loss. Why should we be the only ones having to pay the increase? We pay more and Ebay  and Paypal make more on our loss. Buyers have no idea of our costs, Im ready to put the fees & postage & income taxes I pay within my description so that the potential buyer is aware that this isnt free selling for us and that those prices come out of my sale. I know for certain that people think we do this free because I have people asking me to sell stuff for them and when I tell them what they will make in the end they look at me funny and say why? UM fees, postage and lets not forget income taxes I pay. I think some buyers may just wonder why I would sell an item just to make .75cents and Im that Im probably scamming them.........

by katy45782 · Adventurer

With the Jan. 2017 price increase, I'm looking for a chart that shows the First Class Package Service Shipping Rate Comparison that I was able to print in the past. It showed the eBay label price next to the current USPS price. It was posted in the anouncements previoulsly. It also showed up to 15 oz. using eBay labels. 

by slidemasta · Adventurer

Small Flat Rate Box is $6.45 from the USPS Website...

Yet eBay charges the customer $7+ Dollars and charges me the Seller $6.45 including the discount for a shipping label...

Where are the savings here? somone enlighten me please? Smiley Mad


Or is eBay really trying to push the agenda with Final Shipping Fees on top of us the buyers...

by prims_end · Adventurer

 Aas far as I see one of the problems ithat really interferes with a sellers profit is the decision Ebay made a few years ago to charge a commission on shipping costs. It's absolutely ridiculous has nothing to do with them and obligates the seller to subsidize the shipping !

by shocknlock · Pathfinder

We always loose to china.....

by lnobi · Adventurer

To the guy who claims taxpayers don't pay for the USPS..... who do you think covers the billions they lose every year?  They have pensions to cover so the government bails them out. 


I agree with so many of these comments.  I love to sell on ebay, but lately I feel like it is a big waste of my time.  I don't understand how China can sell $1& $2 items and ship for free.  I can't even sell for 3.99 - 7 and make anything by the time I pay usps,  ebay, PayPal,  and packaging supplies.  I've lost money lately on several transcsctions! Getting paid absolutely nothing for the time it takes to list items, answer questions from buyers and package items. But yet ebay wants me to start my bid at .99 & offer free shipping?!?! That's crazy. You just can't do it. 


WalMart is now offering free two day shipping on orders over $35 to compete with Amazon.  Eventually ebay will feel they have to line up with this trend to stay relevant. I would expect the shipping relief some sellers are looking for will be tied to an event, but the trade off cost will be free two day shipping.


Ebay can't really survive indefinitely on the drop shippers and China paradigm.  They will have to consider that paradigm shift soon.



Eventually everything either has to return to its roots, and re-discover its successful model, or become something completely unrecognizable to its beginnings. The shipping logistics and cost will have a big role in these changes.


The shipping wars between major players in e-commerce will redirct the paradims.  Eventually ebay will have to trade with concessions  to keep both buyers and sellers relevant on their platform. 


The big players can do these shipping deals because of their wherehousing logistics. Ebay's wherehousing logistics is actually far superior when the warehousings are the million local sellers, however to compete, ebay must find a path for us local sellers to be competitive in this coming paradigm shift.  


Ebay can't afford to loose sellers or buyers and they can't control shipping costs by third parties. They will have to negotiate with mitigated prices to sellers for consessions from sellers to meet the paradigms.  Or, they will have to become their competition.


Will they return to roots? Will they become something completely different? Or will they find compromise? 


They had a great last quarter reporting. And capitalism now moves. Wal-Mart is making a move, others will follow. How will ebay respond? 


This shipping stress I imagine will be a mitigating issue. Will you just give up?  Or will you find ways to  press on within the shifting paradigms?


I recall the picture of two minors. One quitting just inches from the treasure, and the other pressing on from starting well behind.  Eventually there are those who don't give up that will hit the mark and recieve the rewards of perseverance.


Which will you be? What will be ebay's part in helping sellers be the latter?


Time will tell. This too will pass. Press on...