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Shipping Carrier Rate Changes Coming Soon

Verified Blogger
Verified Blogger
‎12-15-2016 09:10 AM
‎12-15-2016 09:10 AM

UPS, FedEx, and USPS have announced their 2017 rate increases taking effect on the following dates (consult the carrier websites linked below for more details):

  • UPS: December 26, 2016
  • FedEx: January 2, 2017
  • USPS: January 22, 2017


The eBay shipping calculator and eBay labels will be updated with these new rates. Make sure your shipping prices on your active listings reflect them, too:

  • If you use calculated shipping, check that all your listings have accurate package weights and measurements. Your listings will show the new rates automatically, once they take effect.
  • If you use flat-rate shipping, review your listings to see if your flat rate covers the price increases. You may have to raise your flat-rate charges to maintain the same profit level.
  • If you offer free shipping, review your listings to see if your prices can absorb the extra costs, or if you should make adjustments to your prices.


Check the chart below to see how each carrier’s rates will be affected. And remember: using eBay labels can help you save up to 25%* on Priority Mail® and up to 37%* on FedEx services. Plus, tracking is uploaded automatically, and you get free supplies and free package pickup!


*For domestic shipping.


FINAL CHART carrier changes 12.15.16.png


USPS is raising their rates AGAIN? Why does USPS keep going up and down with their shipping charges? That is getting annoying.

This sucks as USUAL

Ouch...Oil price goes up, shipping price increases; oil price goes down, shipping price increases. It sure sucks.

Thank you ebay for always staying on top of these issues and keeping us well informed. Thanks to you we have the time to make the necessary changes well in advance.

I appreciate the discount we get on shipping. It really helps.

The only price that  USPS went up and down on is the price of  standard First Class Mail and then went back up.


Been selling on eBay since 2010 and Priority mail rates have been on a NE curve ever since.

Bah Humbug. Why don't they raise their rates in the middle of the year?

I hope eBay makes this as plain to buyers as to sellers - buyers frequently complain about shipping rates even if we charge the same as the carriers so it would be nice if buyers realized any price increase is caused by carriers and not sellers trying to make money on shipping.

Shipping rates going up again and postal service keeps getting worse.  I just shipped a package and it still have not been delivered after 10 days.  Time to quit. 

Is good to know, thanks ebay

Don't forget...your Paypal Fees will reflect the change too...

Not helpful -We need to see a chart that details the increases for each category ( i.e first class, priority , etc). the USPS link you provided is unuseable information. There is info posted on looks like it is only affecting priority mail domestic., but it would nice to get that info here from Ebay.


You know what Ebay shpuld created a way to shipping with them like created their own companie this sucks shippins are very expensive now.

It would be wonderful if the buyers understood how much shipping costs and how it is incorporated into the sale price of the item. So happy that I use as many selling platforms as I can, with that said eBay price increases and shipping rates are really squeezing my profit line.

Ebay could give the community a very big savings.  Quit charging us a commission on the shipping rates.


Ebay AND PayPal MUST stop charging commissions or ANY Fees on any shipping ! Sellers get a TINY discount on USPS and then get charged up to 14% in ADDITIONAL FEES ON THE SAME SHIPPING from Ebay & PayPal ? Total rip off for doing nothing !  Like FAKE news here we are with FAKE fees. Now we sellers have to pay an additional $60 per year for a small store ? BUYERS should be shown ALL the fees, itemized of course, from Ebay & PayPay on every single purchase. In this digital world Ebay needs to have 100% of their employees work here in America and get rid of the employee BLOAT !  Wake up Ebay & PayPal - Amazon, WalMart, Sears and many others have want our business ! ! 

Fees on shipping charges are just ridiculous! Really? On actual shipping charges? That was actually a harder pill to swallow than the nothing but "positive" feedback for buyers. As all sellers know, that is not the case.


When sellers started listing $100 items for $0.99 + $99 in shipping, eBay decided that they needed to start charging fees on shipping Get used to it.



@ alex-occ "When sellers started listing $100 items for $0.99 + $99 in shipping, eBay decided that they needed to start charging fees on shipping Get used to it."


This statement is **bleep**, all eBay had to do to fix that problem was give a warning not to do it again, then if they did close their account.  Wow but I guess it would take a genius to figure that one out. All sellers did not need to be punished for the acts of a few idiots!


country-treasures-4-u wrote:
This statement is **bleep**, all eBay had to do to fix that problem was give a warning not to do it again, then if they did close their account.  Wow but I guess it would take a genius to figure that one out. All sellers did not need to be punished for the acts of a few idiots!


Are you serious? That would not help matters at all. People are still going to break the rules, even if eBay told them not to.


Ok, notice I said genius, did you bother to read the entire comment, "second offense their accounts are closed".  This would make it a little hard for them to continue to break the rules.


Yes, I did read your whole comment. Look at all of the ebay pages...they have threats about how they will suspend people's accounts, but people do what they say not to do anyways and don't get in trouble.



No, that is not what I am saying at all. I am saying that your idea of just telling people to not do something is not always a good idea, because people still break rules.

This is a sign of the coming dollar is no longer the standard of trade...inflation with recession is gonna suck!

The Priority Mail Flat Rate Box and Priority Mail Flat Rate Envelope prices for these products are:




Small flat-rate box



Medium flat-rate box



Large flat-rate box



Large APO/FPO flat-rate box



Regular flat-rate envelope



Legal flat-rate envelope



Padded flat-rate envelope



usps tracking needs to be more accurate. it takes too long to update real time tracking. you would think with the rising cost they would be more better at real time or up to date tracking.

 Also, for those of us who sell sportscards and ship single cards in a standard business envelope, that is going up from 47 cents to 49 cents each.  That doesn't seem like a lot but it adds up if you send out thousands per year like I do.  Also, 3 or 4 ounce packages are going from $2.60 to $2.67 and the post office is doing away with the $2.60 rate up to 8 ounces.  Now an 8 ounce package is going to be something like $3.15.  Everybody takes their piece of the pie... eBay, PayPal and the shipping companies and the sellers who are just trying to stay in the black take it in the shorts again.  Isn't eBay making enough money?

As for the fees on the shipping costs - stop charging the fees for those of us who only charge the actual shipping costs. What I collect from the buyer goes right back out through PayPal for the shipping label; true pass-through cost. Plus, I print the cost on the label so that the buyer, if they check, can see that they only paid what I did for the shipping.

So any one  know  what our  prices will be on lets say  priority flat  rate bubble mailer right now 5.90?  TIA

Raise the prices its ok, my customers still love me at

Thanks for shopping with me on ebay!

Just another nail in the small sellers coffin, and more fees for eBay / Pay pal.


klenkertreasures wrote:

Raise the prices its ok, my customers still love me at

Thanks for shopping with me on ebay!

Serriously? You are using this as a chance to ADVERTISE!?

We have been selling western themed products like purse, sunglasses, designer jeans, meen's wallet and more in eBay since 2012. So far we offered free shipping on our 90% of the listings. No more free shipping starting 2017. We planned to weight our package and dimension them accurately to refelct correct calculated shipping rate for buyers. Because of this small homework, buyers will get fair shipping charge. We started working on that. Bye free shipping. Hello calculated shipping.


MERRY CHRISTMAS to all passionate eBay seller



So Ebay was upset at sellers who made money on the shipping charges so they imposed a fee to discourage this practice right?  Well EBAY now makes money on the shipping charges.  Hmm???  Wasn't that what they were discouraging? 

If you put free shipping on your items, you are not charged a fee.

 UGH!!! Almost all of our items are small and not very expensive but when doing shipping separately (instead of part of the item price) people get **bleep** and think we are trying to rip them off. They have NO IDEA how much we pay for our store, plus the % to eBay for each sale, plus the % and fee to Paypal, and God forbid we had paid to list the item in the first place, plus the cost of shipping... NOT LOOKING FORWARD TO THIS!!

Ebay needs to start it's own shipping company. 10 years, there is going to be USPS, UPS, FedEx, DHL, AND eBay...

I wonder where that conversation is at Ebay Corporate. They have to be looking into it.

Any TRS, Top rated Seller, that accepts 45 day returns with 1 day handling that offers Free shipping has an offset absorbption of the TRS discount of 20% on Final Value Fees to help defray some of these increases.  The cost of doing business will never go away, and it is a matter of making a sale with being competitive and possibly taking a small loss, or raising prices and hope you make the saile. I would rather take a 3-5% profit loss on 2000 sales instead of rasing prices to remove that loss and only having 1000 sales. Each Seller has a different business modell and what works for one may not work for others. if you know your ROR and IROR it becomes apparent that a loss in one area does not mean proft is not being earned. If you are not happy with carrier rates increasing, wait 12 months and you will suddenly like the prices you had. Am I unhappy with this??...yes, but I would rather roll with the puches then get knocked down by them. 

I agree with the previous comment.  This is just the cost of doing business. I do not feel like I'm being ripped off. I will need to sell more items to offset the raise. I would still much rather do E-bay than work for someone else. There are rules and sacrifices in all we do. Personally I love this job and will " roll with the punches".

I see people suggesting that eBay should start its own "mail" service. Amazon uses the USPS. The USPS delivers Amazon products on Sunday (and ONLY Amazon products). The USPS is just run poorly. I am friends with several of the people who work at the main PO for San Diego and they talk frequently about how poorly it is run. And such poor vision - I mean, if more and more people are shopping online and want fast delivery, then why would they eve talk about stopping Saturday delivery? NO! You think about ADDING Sunday delivery. For everyon! Not just Amazon. UPS and FedEx are so expensive for Sat/Sun delivery. And if it's a residential address, much more pricey and residential. If the USPS stepped up their tracking game (Ie: it actually worked well!) and they added Sunday delivery and limited office hours on Sunday, they could really increase their volume. 

But it's more of the same ol', same ol'. 

Old school thinking.

So today I charged just 25 cents instead of free shipping to offset the postage increase just to see what would happen and my sales dropped about 75% !!!  Seriously, buyers do not want to even pay 25 cents for shipping.  And I got an email notice from eBay recently that according to their statistical data, 61% of buyers look for free shipping.  How then can we sellers who offer free shipping keep absorbing the cost increases and still stay in business?

Actually The USPS delivers all packages on Sunday Not just amazon and also for those of you that complain about the fees you should try to open a brick and morter store I promise you that you would never complain again. 

 Thats great!!!!!!!! Even with the rates we pay now, they still lose items, dont scan packages, deliver later than expected and the list goes on and on. I wish I had enough money to start my own delivery service. USPS carriers are rude, they refuse to take packages and they have great benifits, decent wages and great hours. You call customer service about lost packages they open some garbage claim and then email you, sorry we were not able to locate your package, oh well (month later) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My loss not theres, they got paid and now selllers like me, are out the item and shipping costs. Lets pay them more!!!!!!!!! AWESOME!!!! YIPPY,  CANT WAIT! I need more money , my rates just went up to and I wont do anything in return for it ! Hows that fair? How dfo you raise rates regularly and provide the same SERVICE? Hows is this fair, how about they raise the rates and get rid of First Class Mail and charge $3.95 flat rate for anything under a certian weight and guarantee delivery in 3 days! Give me a guarantee and I will be happy to pay or refund our money if not delivered. Insurance is way to expensive considering they rarely lose an insured package, hmm thats funny how that works. I lose first class mail all the time but never insured items! WOW coincidence? USPOS YOU SU____Man Frustrated

Yea, raise our shipping, but let China sent their same packages here for hardy nothing. 

Selling more is gonna be a great approach to offsetting this. Something that could help offset this even better is shipping supplies sent to those with the storefront monthly. The more we sell the more supplies it takes. I wouldn't mind paying a bit more if it meant consistently secure packages. I buy in bulk but can only store so much without cutting into the room for stock.


Ebay can and should do better about issuing the discounts/vouchers on these types of materials. I really enjoy offering this service for people. But it really does seem like it's the smaller sellers taking the hit when it took lots of us to get the site where it is today. I have had countless people tell me to pursue other outlets and at this point in the game, there are so many I lost count. I wouldn't mind seeing a rollover type system for months where the listings we pay for don't all get used.  Robot Sad