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Sellers: New Replacement and Exchange Options Now Available

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In our 2016 Fall Seller Update released this August, we mentioned that new capabilities for handling returns were on the horizon. We’re excited to announce that the option to manage replacements and exchanges is available to all sellers.

Starting this week, you can now:

  • Offer buyers the option of receiving a replacement or exchange instead of a full refund—either in your return policy when listing, or when your buyer requests a return

  • Expedite and automatically approve replacement requests (in addition to return and refund requests) by customizing your return preferences in My eBay and Seller Hub

Offering replacements and exchanges helps improve the after-sale experience for you and your buyers. It reduces back-and-forth messaging, helps resolve requests more quickly, and encourages customer loyalty. To learn more, please visit the Shipping and Returns update page.

This will only work for new, common and replaceable items not for vintage, oftentimes one of a kind, or irreplaceable.

ebay does a disservice to vintage sellers.


I wonder how Pierre, the founder of eBay, would have handled this return policy when he  sold the first item on eBay, a used  broken laser pointer.  

by ricksgp · Scout

I sell used goods that I would not have another one like to offer a replacement with.  I prefer refund.


You have the option for replacement or refund.


I have had arangements to send a replacement in the past, but eBay always screws it up for me by opening a case and refunding the buyer without the buyer understanding what is going on. The customer is not aware this has been done and is left wondering why I did not replace it. Then eBay keeps the fee for the item and shipping what a racket.  I just reported them to the state attorny general consumer protection for this, EBay should not be allowed to get between me and my customer.  

by marcjoseph1964 · Scout

.... insight6


EBay should not be allowed to get between me and my customer. 


I had always thought this is illegal especialy giving of money without my consent agreed to in there rules or not. It should be up to customers and my credit card or bank to decide not eBay. Report them to atorney general every chance you get Burn you eBay witch!



by jaybee358 · Scout

Obviously another benefit purely made for large corporations selling brand new things made by the thousands. 

It's just too obviously excluding of one of a kind, not even a try at subtlety?  Not even a nod to acknowlege the lowly vintage, unique and art item purveyors?  


by classykassy · Thrill-Seeker | Updated

I sell vintage, one of a kind items and this policy doesn't help me at all. After having my checking account raided by Ebay twice in one week, because of Buyers who invoked a return directly with Ebay without contacting me, I've changed ALL of my listings to NOT ACCEPT RETURNS. I suggest everyone do the same.


Who cares. In the unlikely event that the item really is broken rather than a scam by the buyer I'd rather refund than send another item. Ebay should allow sellers to give negative feedback to buyers that take advantage of sellers or eBay policies. We pay the fees and sometimes get the short end. Also the final value fee went from 3% to 10% indicating a 333% increase. Wow that made any profits scarce enough.


This new "policy" is not feasable for a blanket "replacement policy". As stated before, Buyers come to Ebay for "one-of-a-kind" items, sometimes quite expensive, which are NOT replaceable. With the NUMEROUS  scams that the buyers are perpetrating using and ABUSING the blanket return policy, the; 1)"total refund if NOT as advertized" scam being the favourite and the 2)"undisclosed damage" scam being second and the 3)"it got lost in the mail/I did not receive the item"  variation scam, how can a replacment then be given for a unique item?  The Ebay CSR's do not even bother to "INVESTIGATE" the buyer to see if they are being truthful, when making a refund claim.

Since Ebay ALWAYS sides with the Buyers and their pet scams, it will not be long before another venue will be found for Sellers to use. Ebay OPENLY discriminates against Sellers.

The fees are pure extortion:  example:  charging a percentage of the shipping cost, then pressuring sellers to buy Labels from Ebay AND TO use the "Global Shipping Program", AND on top of all this, taking a hefty percentage of the shipping cost which Ebay helped to drive upwards!  Now Ebay wants Sellers to take a DOUBLE  loss; first the original item, and then a "replacement" and of course the scammers are going to love this and jump on it!  AND then who is going to pay for the second item's shipping cost? . . . the SELLER! 

Many Sellers are dumping Ebay for all these reasons.

Rising Star

While this doesn't work for me, I see it as an opt-in choice, and I will just ignore it. You don't have to use it, so fussing about it is meaningless.


For those of you complaining that eBay always sides with the buyer, I cannot agree. This week, a buyer who tried to get me to sell off-site left me revenge negative feedback after buying the item through eBay. I contacted support, and once they saw the message exchange, they removed his feedback from my profile. I found them understanding and quick to correct the problem.


How many of you are aware that if you use the multiple item option, that you must refund every item sold in one auction.  

     For expample, I listed 12 place settings of Wedgwood china and sold 2 to a single buyer in one auction transaction.  They were shipped insured and the buyer claims that 1 cup arrived broken and claimed a refund for both place settings.  Then he shipped the china back.  The shipping was priority mail from New Jersey to Las Angeles - $25 each way.   So that transaction cost me $50 out of pocket and I was left the an incomplete place setting.   

      If an item is shipped insured, the buyer should be forced to take the insutance and purchase a new item.


Addional information about multiple item listings:  I offered the buyer a replacement for the broken cup and a full refund for the single place setting that arrived damaged.  EBay sided with the buyer and sent him a refund for two place settings plus shipping to and fro.

     Absolutely unethical since the buyer was offered a replacement to complete the place setting plus a refund for the entire place setting.  His reason for refund - item not as represented.  Scam, scam, scam!

by magilla-us · Scout


by filmson · Enthusiast

I've been on both ends: cheated out of money when Ebay blindly sides with the BUYER, and having issues resolved efficiently when Ebay sides with me as a SELLER.  I believe that Ebay usually sides with the BUYER no matter what the circumstances are.  We BUYERS are left having to do a lot of work to "prove" our case with whatever "evidence" exists, while it seems that the BUYER is taken immediately at his word ("it arrived borken...was lost in the mail", etc.).  This latest even-exchange policy is obviously biased toward the BUYER, since everything I sell is a  one-of-a-kind item.  Sadly, the BUYER wins again!


It's cheaper in the long run to just offer refunds. Many items I sell have little profit so offering exchanges and or replacements would really hurt. Give the refund and get on with your life. Block ALL buyers that seem to scam. Sellers usually know when they are being scammed. eBay needs to increase the number of blocked buyers that are allowed to help fight off the scammers!

Rising Star

FeeBay  FeeBay the new name

by allpapermoney · Scout | Updated by Moderator

Wow what a surpise by ebay to implement something good for the seller...wait a minutes I must be dreaming. I don't remember a time when that happened, every time they have a new update it has something to do with the seller.


I went from making 25K a year part time selling to $100 dollars a year, all because of ebay's policies and the buyers who keep opening cases caliming their items did not arrive. 




I don't sell flea market items or in bulk so replacement would not be an option for me.  I have added to my listings that "if an item is lost or damaged by the POST OFFICE in transit, I am not responsible but will help the buyer in filing a claim if I can".  I would also require pictures of the damaged item and packaging.  I have even seen some Sellers state that they have marked their items with a marker that only they can see, in the event of a switch (even if you don't, an unscrupulous buyer doesn't know that).  I like to read different Buyers' "disclaimers" where you can get some good ideas.  Lastly, ebay does in some small cases side with the Buyer.  They have sided with me with non-payers.  But on the whole, ebay is a "seller's market".  I do think they should put back the negative or neutral feedback for SELLERS to leave.  ebay keeps trying to make it better, but it just adds more muck to the muck.  

by retited3 · Adventurer

When are you going to make a seller for Apple Computer, like Turo Lister.  I   could list a lot more if it was available.

by purrcih98 · Adventurer

I dont understand why anyone is complaining about siding with the buyer about shipping, and the buyer not receiving the item. If you ship with Ebay, you get tracking numbers and everything needed to see if the item got there or not. Even if you dont ship with Ebay, the post office gives you tracking numbers no matter what. You dont even need to pay for them. HOW can ebay side with the buyer when there is proof that the item arrived?? Is there something I am missing here????


I don't care if you offer a return, a replacement, or a Christmas card that sings a song when you open it, buyer and seller ratings need to be taken into account if anything happens after the initial transaction.  When I ship a correct item, and the buyer claims the item was not as described (wrong size sent), there is nothing I can do except get eBay involved.


Despite messaging the buyer, there is no way for me to request to change the type of return.  There also does not appear to be a way for the buyer to change the return from item not as described to a standard return.  My advice has been to close the incorrect fraudulent return and just return the item.  I lose out on the refunded final value fee, but that sure beats the buyer calling eBay, myself calling eBay, the buyer opening a claim through PayPal, and 30 days minimum going by before anything gets resolved.


You can make it look it look as pretty as you want on the outside, but the inside is what still needs to be fixed.

by allpapermoney · Scout | Updated by Moderator

summer98:  What are you talking about, if we had the option to send items with tracking numbers do you think we wouldn't do it. Yes if you are selling stuff items where the buyer has to pay for shipping with tracking it's not a problem. In my case I sell banknotes, if I sell let's say 5 banknotes for .99 each the buyer is not going to spend 20 dollars for me to send it with registered mail. So I have to ship with regular mail. I am not even joking that 30% atleast of my completed auctions are being claimed as not received and I end up having to give the money back. 


It does not matter what you write in your description, if the buyer opens a calim for no matter what ebay will always side with them. Oh except when the buyer doesn't pay then good old ebay will side with the seller since they are not getting anything out of it.


It is great! But then you add same text module as comments here in listings?

by sesscath · Scout

Great...And, yet, there are no options for closing an issue if the return was approved, but the buyer DOESN'T return it by the suspense date.

by iruce2 · Adventurer

Most of my items are not replaceable. With that being said I will just not provide that option for my buyers. Simple as that!!  Wish there was an option to reply to some of what you guys have said. Yep, there are a lot of scammers on here and I was scammed a few times. eBay does tend to side with the buyers in some cases, just depends. I had someone that was a high seller so yes, she is making eBay a lot of money. She pretended to return my item, but purposely forgot the number to my house so it would go back to her. Thought something was odd when I looked at the return and it said first class and I knew all those items I sent could not of fit in the first class package. Long story short, she only did that so she could keep the items and the money then resale the items she bought from me to make even more of a profit. We made sure to keep informing eBay that we needed our items back or our money and that was illegal because in reality she was stealing, she got to keep the items and eBay refunded us. So that did happen to work in our favor. So like I said sometimes Ebay has the sellers back. As, for the tracking as long as the item says item delivered in mailbox then no you do not have anything to worry about and it is out of your hands, but sometimes people send items were tracking is not needed or would be too much if the item is 1.99 or lower and tracking cost $2.60 or more. It is those items people claim they are not getting just so they can get their money back and get to keep the item. Then you have those items that have not been delivered to the person because the post office has lost the item. That happen to me before too, post office lost the item, then after a couple of weeks of  non delivery I had to refund the item, the item was recovered and shipped back to me a month later, but guess what I lost out on my shipping that was over $20.00. I think that the post office should pay us back with certain things. If we send out items with insurance or not they should treat all the items with respect if not they should pay us back. I think something should be done with that, they are also quick to take our money. I have a scale so I weigh everything, but say if your over price they will not refund you for calculating the weight wrong but are quick to send back the item for a couple of cents under. There are a lot of things that need to change but if a lot of people do not come together and take a stand for things then things will always stay the same, but that goes for anything in life.

by lmstudio93 · Adventurer | Updated

eBay takes advantage of sellers, by protecting scammers.

eBay Heavily penalized people who actually bringing money to company.

It is no right not be able to leave bad feedback to scammers and let another sellers know about them. I recently sold hard drive and buyer complained that it is not as pictured. After I contacted buyer three times and get no respond, eBay refunded buyer of full amount including international shipping. I know 100% that drive was in great condition. Item was posted as "No refund no return", but it did not stopped eBay from taking my money..

by 1arky · Adventurer

Iv started buying on amazon too they cheaper and returns are no problem

by larryb.63 · Adventurer

i listed a expensive purse for my wife.  a lady was interested and kept emailing me trying to get me to lower the price. the purse was in perfect condition, and i had listed the purse at less than half the original price. the lady tried for about a week to get me to lower the price. i then brought the price down a little more seeing that see wanted it so badly. she bought the purse. she then filed a claim when she received the purse saying the purse had a scuff on the bottom and she wanted some of her money back. i refused because after not wanting to lower the price for her for over a week and then taking some money off i knew the game she was playing. after i refused to give her some money back. at first she had said that there was one thing wrong with the purse, but after refusing to give her some money back, she cut up the purse saying this was the way she received it. all of this communication was on ebay and it was quite obvious what went on. WHAT A SURPRISE, EBAY SIDED WITH HER AND GAVE HER A REFUND!!!  

by 1arky · Adventurer

ebay on the going out end,Amazon and All the perks the give me and I have prime also free shipping and 75% of the time the item I want is cheaper there.I used to be alll ebat buyer NO More.I sell too And I just had a seller send me a  breakable lens in a paperbag and it was in a 100 pc.the other i glued back.I sent pictures to seller and as for money for the glue .totle jerk but he is a shooting star seller SO iam send it all back in 100 pcs just as I receive itand I left neg feedbak too.about fed up with the way they treat buyers and sellers.I  would never send a breakable item in an envelope.I SENT PICTURE OF THE ONE I GLUED BACK ON AND IT FELL OFF SOMEWHERE ON THE ROAD.We see Iam sending it back friday.

by fatclank · Adventurer

Like many of you I used to sell a lot more on eBay in the past but do not now due to excessive fees and new bad policies.  I always state no returns, and all my items are ones that I cannot simply replace as they are used and/or vintage, but twice in the past couple months customers have have requested refunds and the money is instantly sucked out of paypal before me as the seller can even investigate why, nevermind talk to the buyer.  I won't say scammers bt I will say buyers remorse.  Should not be my problem when I coordinate LTL freight shipping at the cheapest rate per the customers request and pay eBay a 10% surcharge fee on it, tell the customer it will take 10 days (because he wanted the cheapest option) and he wants a refund after 5 because it's taking too long.  It's what the customer requested!  And you suck over $2000 out of my account instantly? Should be illegal I agree with all the posts on that.

I do still sell on eBay but what I do now is take pictures of every step of the packing and shipping process for these kind of larger more expensive used / vintage items- sometimes more than a dozen photos- so I can prove exactly how it looked going into the packing, how it was packed, and how it was shipped. I also communicate with the buyer immediately and solely through email so I have a documented record. I recently had a decision of buyers remorse (or trying to scam but I don't think so) put back in my favor because I had such overwhelming information of photos and emails proving my case.  A lot of stress, anxiety, wasted time and delay of funds, but eventually the original result.

On another case eBay did not want to help and FedEx denied the claim (how many buyers will actually send you a picture of the damage the way they state it is, right???) but again because of the overwhelming photo evidence and paper trail I got FedEx to pay on the insurance I had purchased.

All in all I have been highly considering leaving eBay (member since 1998) but now I simply sell about 1/4 of what I used to because I set my prices high to cover their ridiculously overwhelming fees which hurts sales as I need to get at least a 15-20% premium over what I may have accepted to cover their portion- and when buyers are looking for a deal on"best offer" I tell 'em the lowest I can go + the eBay and paypal fees for a final number.  Yes sales have been tremendously hurt, which hurts me and eBay- but this they will never realize.

Thanks for letting me vent + hope the photo / email advice helps someone else when it happens to them!


This policy does nothing for sellers who sell one of a kind antiuqe items.  I sold a pottery pot and insured it thru the USPO and the buyer wanted money from me.  I told him it was insured and to take the box and item to the post office and they can refund you.  I even doubled the box on this pot.  Post office was reckless with the package.  The buyer went to the post office to give it to them and DID receive his money for shipping and item but it took over a month and a half for Ebay to take it off my site.  I do believe the favor the buyer more than the seller.  I will sell with NO RETURNS EXCEPTED PERIOD


I recently sold an item to my sister for her grandson. i am new to selling ebay so my sister wanted to check out what i had for sale and saw the item. but didnt have a paypal account. i looked and saw that i had accidently only listed 2 of the 3 i had, so this sale was outside of ebay and  i shipped it to my niece at my own exspense. Here is where the story becomes relevant. my niece lives in townhouses in a crummy neighborhood so i tracked the package closely and as soon as i got the text it was delivered i contacted her. she looked out by her front door and no package i asked about the back door, she looked out the window and there was a guy with 3 packages under his arms looking around and started sliding her package with his foot she opened the door and said" what the bleep are you doing" the guy ran into one of the townhouses and she called the cops who investgated and talked to few neighbors who said they also had missing packages. when they went to talk to the guy they found 23 packages not belonging to him needless to say he was arrested. makes you wonder how many sellers had to give refunds because of guys like this. this happened at 10:30 am in the middle of a group of buildings had i not called her, her package would of been missing to. thanks to tracking i know the package was delivered at 10:14 so it took 15mins from delivered to almost stolen.


What kind of penalty do you impose on people who purchase an item and then don't pay? This happens to me very often. Where can I find out what penalty you impose on them? It appears to me that the buyer holds all the marbles.

by hellanbach · Adventurer

Yes gatorbirdies, what happens to those who purchase items here and then simply don't pay? Answer: Not a **bleep** thing! And THAT is the biggest problem I've had here. Ebay should work MUCH harder to insure that (a) DEADBEATS who buy our stuff and then stiff us are then BANNED from buying on ebay for a period of time for their first offense - like maybe 6 months & if there's a 2nd offense, banned for a year, etc., and (b) if ebay INSISTS (and they DO!) that when we accept Paypal, we also HAVE TO accept Paypal echeques, that ebay or Paypal, then be forced to insure that those payments HAPPEN. Because my personal experience here in being FORCED to accept those bogus echeques, has been an insane time-suck. For me, my experience accepting Paypal echeques here has been nothing more than a way for SCAMMERS who have no money and no bank account, to defraud me, waste my time, and get my item(s) off of the site for as long as they refuse to respond to ebay and/or me, which is 100% of the time. Reality check: If I owned an actual brick and mortar store, and a customer wrote me a bad cheque and refused to pay it, I could collect treble (triple) damages from that customer, and then ban them from my store forever. It should be that way HERE as well. If Ebay MAKES us take Paypal echeques, they should also gurantee those payments. 


Restore negative feedback for sellers and weed all the scammers out. For most of us this site is like a garage sale who ever heard of allowing returns or refunds? The marketing staff who comes up with all these bright ideas that favor the buyer should be fired.

by 5150kramer · Adventurer

Sold a video game to buyer,they said never recieved it,tracking said it was delivered,they still said never recieved it,then they gave neg feedback even though i gave full refund,total of $6.00,that shipping included,i atew that sale,then they called me,they got my cell number,said they know where i live,know what my house looks like,know what kind of car i have,must have used google maps,said on phone they will get revenge on me,called me again and said they know my cell phone provider,know i work nights,know i work at a retail job,know how to hack into my cell phone since they know my provider,know how to intercept my internet,know how to make a tracking device to install on my car so they know where im going,bottom line,they know where i live,what i drive,where i work,know my cell phone provider,know i work nights at a retail job,called me again and told me to be on the lookout,we know all about you and are watching in fear for my life now,over a $4.00 video game for a ps2 system,crazy buyers out there,at least i got the neg feedback removed and put them on my blocked bidder list and reported them to ebay,if that helps.

If you have a problem with a return you have to stay on top of it and ring the phone off the hook with ebay...this year I had two cases of 'damaged' in hockey...anyway, one didn't return and I got the case closed in my favor money returned...woman filed with paypal 60 days later and paypal agreed it is fraud, gave my money back while credit card bank investigated (180 days). 30 days later paypal took the money AGAIN!!! day 181 it was found in my favor but I had to make multiple phone calls, follow up and basical go psycho on ebay/paypal to make sure they backed me up about it not being returned and making sure the bank got the pictures.

Another case, a woman literally destoryed a large crystal cluster. Returned it, money automatically gone. I had pictures of both the original box and her return box...original item and the returned smashed item that was was missing over 2 lbs of rock. Yep, and you could identify the hammer marks. I called ebay over a dozen times and documented the hell out of things...eventually I got a hold of a rep who scolded me for not building into my prices returns (um, yeah, I sell both low ticket items and extremely expensive items and frankly my sales have sucked over the past 3 years getting worse and worse because the economy is so great) but did issue a refund back to me (after ebay staff declined and decided in favor of the buyer despite evidence she damaged it herself). Bottom line with ebay and paypal. Be your own best advocate and fight tooth and nail. Call, document, call and calll some more if you are in the right...

And yeah, report the hell out of buyers who scam.



by rwmretired · Enthusiast

As a seller I attempt to give my customers the best service on the items as described in my listings, I belief most all eBay policies and procedures benefit the buyers, I have had different items returned than what I sold and had to accept the return???? And the buyer left negative feedback, which eBay did nothing about.     I too take pictures of all my items before I close the box or package but it doesn't really matter until eBay which was founded on the people to people concept becomes a sellers marketplace , ebay derives most all its profits from sellers fee and store commitments and can improve there service to sellers.   I mostly sale vintage items and items that I have ONE , so this misdirected policy towards sellers doesn't affect me.     Having said that they can do something about people who don't leave feedback, I believe that if a customer doesn't start a return within the 30 day timeframe then an automatic positive feedback should added there seller rating.         RWM



by kurt3126 · Adventurer

A new old stock item in original box, Returned not in original Packing.   Some times The Box is worth as much if not more than the item,, Wala, You Just got Taken , buyer Gets a Free Box, and sends back the item. { If not switched,] with a used one. Your Out Lots Of CASH.   Need to be able to Neg Feed Back Buyers   There Fees On Fees On Fees. Cant afford to Give a Good Price on Any Thing any More E Bay Maes More Than Me On an Item, Not to mention PAY PAL Monopoly Nuff Said

This is an OPTION not a requirement. I personally always refund immediatly and tell the buyer to keep the item if there is a problem and never look back. It's just part of the cost to do business, from my point of view. I'm still very much in the black doing business on ebay. In my experience I don't find many if any scammers anymore, and ebay has reversed it's course and is once again friendly to sellers, with the change of the new CEO, who 'gets it' in my opinion. I love ebay still and feel that ebay has done right by me in any problems I've had. I realize that this has not been everyones experience but it has been mine.

Peace to all who read whether you agree with me or not

by carglv9 · Adventurer

seller_news_team wrote:
In our 2016 Fall Seller Update released this August, we mentioned that new capabilities for handling returns were on the horizon. We’re excited to announce that the option to manage replacements and exchanges is available to all sellers.

Starting this week, you can now:


    • Offer buyers the option of receiving a replacement or exchange instead of a full refund—either in your return policy when listing, or when your buyer requests a return

    • Expedite and automatically approve replacement requests (in addition to return and refund requests) by customizing your return preferences in My eBay and Seller Hub
I have to agree that I prefer to refund and keep the item after I check their feedback which is important.  It is worth it for the customer to always be right in most cases and although I have had some disappointment with eBay in the past it is still the best game in town for the seller.  I am glad that we are made aware that this is an option and not a requirement...I enjoy interacting with the bidder who almost always complain first to the seller.  Overall I am quite satisfied and I recommend the site to any of my friends who are considering sizing down and cleaning out!  Ive been at it for 12 years now!!  Smiley Happy

Offering replacements and exchanges helps improve the after-sale experience for you and your buyers. It reduces back-and-forth messaging, helps resolve requests more quickly, and encourages customer loyalty. To learn more, please visit the Shipping and Returns update page.



eBay should block the negative feedback option for the buyer when you as the seller have given the buyer a complete refund, whether you let them keep the item or not.  I'm already out my shipping costs, possibly a damaged item returned and they're gonna let a buyer leave neutral or negative comments about me.  NOT FAIR  Also if you sell an item on AUCTION  I don't think they should be allowed to return it PERIOD.  Whenever someone bids too much they get buyers remorse and return it, but if I sell an item for my starting bid (which is always lower than I'd hope to sell it for) I don't get the option to say No Sale so why do they?  Auctions are no risk for the buyer and huge risk for the seller but that is the way eBay always suggests you sell it and for crazy starting bids -like .99 cents etc. Total **bleep**.  I've started selling mostly fixed price.  Well guess what?  NO SALES  Third, I don't understand why we are even allowed to say NO RETURNS because eBay will issue one anyway and take your money no matter what, so what's the point?


I stopped selling on Ebay, after over 10 years as a dedicated honest seller.  Reason:  Ebay fees and the shipping fee scam they apply to get more fees out of the system of using "ebay shipping."  Posting 'no returns' on listings is meaningless. Just a waste of time.


Ebay makes it so difficult to get someone on their end to apply reason to my concerned phone calls. They just give the buyer back his money regardless.  And now they can just take seller's money from your acount at their will !   The new 'guidelines from ebay and paypal ' give them permission to just access your credcard & paypal accounts and just take your money.  If you 'opt ou't, yu can forget ever selling on Ebay again.


I now sell on Amazon and Craig's list, with no problems whatsoever. 

by syndirae63 · Adventurer

 I am new to eBay as a seller, although I have been enjoying the opportunity to purchase one of a kind, and discontinued items at great prices for several years! 

  A few months ago I decided to list a few items and make a little extra money, (I am raising my 15 year old grandson, since he was 2, he is growing out of his clothes every few weeks, has a tremendous appetite, and is now learning to drive, will need a car, insurance, etc.) 😵!!

   Well, like most of you, I have been scammed, not only by dishonest buyers, (2 out of the 3 items I listed and sold if you can believe it). 

   I can certainly attest to the fact that eBay is a the biggest scammer of all though,

  • I have a no return policy clearly stated
  • I provide half a dozen photos of my items
  • Ship via Priority Mail, that's 2 day, $50.00 insurance, with tracking
  • I am very careful to pack items with bubble wrap, tissue paper, and heavy-duty packing tape

I would never dream of abusing anyone's trust in such a way, nor did I ever expect it from another. So imagine my surprise when after emailing the buyer that I had a no return policy, plenty of photos etc., I am contacted by eBay telling me to return the money back to buyer or they will take it from either my PayPal account or my checking account!

I did find a place to file a complaint if I suspect a buyer of fraudulently claiming an item is damaged or broken. All I can do at this point is wait and see what they find. I suppose I will just have to happily return the money to the second buyer as well, even though they are not only claiming to have received a damaged item, but also accusing me of selling it to them knowingly and lying about it. 😟

I would rather just give my  things to someone in need than go through this again.


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This is SERIOUSLY annoying as a buyer and as a vintage seller.  I've been taken advantage of by buyers who claim I've ripped off stickers, though none of my pics ever had the missing supposed sticker, and ebay just hands over the cash, even though I had given half back just to shut the guy up.  As a buyer, I've bought things from London and Canada to avoid buying from Malaysia or China and when I receive them, they come from there anyway and DO NOT WORK, but when I complain, eBay's only answer is to send it back and once there, you will get your money back.  It costs more to ship it back than what the items cost.  In the case of the oxygen machine, I wanted the battery they claimed it had, but refused to ship, yet the answer was still the same, when all I wanted was a partial refund to afford the battery because I needed the machine for mountain climbing (which it was advertised for AND had photos of people using it just for that) and its useless for that without the battery!!! Why should I give over $600 for a $35 fix???? eBay is NOT out for their buyers OR sellers!


I have been selling vintage vacuum tubes here on ebay for going on 15 years, and out of over 8000 sales i have only 3 or 4 neg. post out of over 8000 sales and this last year i have had more scammer buyers than in the last 15 years and the bad thing about it is that ebay stand behind the scammers instead of their sellers. One incedent is i had shipped a pair of ge 12ax7a tubes to a buyer and he installed them and shorted one of them out and filed a claim with ebay saying " they were not as described" and i have 7 or 8 very reliable tubes testers so i know what i sell is top shelf vacuum tubes, but that doesn't matter to ebay, they still ruled in the scammers favor, i have had three scammers do me this way in the past 6 months so there fore ebay has put restrictions on my account on account of the scammers. If ebay contenues to do business they will be the ones that will suffer the consequences in the long run, They need to get their heads out of their you know what and smell the roses.

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As a long time ebay seller, I have encountered many buyers who mis-use the return policy.  The instances of "buyers remorse" that show up as "not as described" have skyrocketd in the past couple of years because of the easy one-click returns built into the auction by eBay.  I had one item, a Dancing Grinch, that was right out of the case and because it did not stand up and dance but did exactly what the manufacturer intended (shimmy and shake) resulted in two sales when I had to refund including postage bothways to avoid negative feedback because it did not do what the buyer fantasized it would do.  Both times I just let the buyer keep the $25 item for free to avoid the entire hassle and absorbed the loss.  Since that time I ONLY list "no returns available" even though it does cost me eyes on my items.  I much preferred eBay of the early 2000's when you could tell the buyer "That is the way the manufacturer intended for the item to operate" and leave it at that.  If they felt strongly they would just leave the feedback and the buyer was not held to an unreasonable standard of living up to ureasonable expectations of their buyers.


I bealive there are some buyers who lie about a product being D.O.A. in order to get a Refund or a FREE 2nd of the same  but I no longer send a FREE 2nd one out nor do I just give a REFUND  I let the buyer know that they must send it back and I must inspect it first befor I refund   some people suddenly get it working.  so I think I will stick with my method  only thing I hate about that is ebay makes me pay the shipping both ways    


I believe the same thing I to use to automatically send a FREE  2nd one or automatically issue a refund until I realized and knew without a doubt that there was nothing wrong with the items I had shipped.  Some buyers were trying to get free items  mostly CD's that I sold as "Like New" that actually were brand new never played that I opened and unselaed right before I shipped them because there was a small crack in the case and I would open them to put them in a new case and inspect them.  I even had someone say that the CD had no recording on it.  I asked them to return the item and that I would pay for the return and issue a refund if I found that it was a seller error (my error) and guess what no one ever returned them.  This is the best way to handle. I found this to be true selling on Ebay and Amazon. I agree with c.t. consignment.