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Sellers: Higher USPS First-Class Rates Coming August 28

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Verified Blogger
Effective August 28, 2016, the US Postal Service will be implementing a rate increase of approximately 7%, limited to First-Class Mail® packages weighing 1-3 ounces. This rate change is intended to correct an abnormality created with this past January’s rate increase, which made it made it less expensive to bring 1-3 ounce First-Class Mail® packages to the post office than printing postage online.

See below for a comparison of average eBay labels and USPS retail rates:

Rates effective August 28:


Rates until August 28:


If you offer Calculated/Actual Cost rates, these will be automatically updated as of August 28. If you choose to update your rates, learn how to edit your listings in bulk with the bulk editor feature.

Remember: Accurate weights and measurements are key to getting the most accurate shipping costs. Use our Shipping Calculator and guide every time you list. And you can always get great savings over USPS retail or “counter” rates by using the eBay labels platform. Take advantage of discounts of up to 25% on domestic shipping and up to 29% on international shipping, order free supplies, schedule a convenient package pickup, and get automatic tracking for your packages, all through eBay labels.

NOTE: This post was originally posted August 29, 2016, and has been updated and reposted with corrections to the "Rates effective August 28" graphic above.
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by btyl2460 · Pathfinder

can't get the tab for new shipping rates to open