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How to Use Your eBay Shipping Supplies Coupon

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If you’re an eBay Stores subscriber, you recently received your quarterly discount coupon. Read our tips below to learn how you can take full advantage of the offer.

To receive a coupon for the eBay branded shipping supplies store, you must have a store subscription. If you do not have an eBay Stores subscription, you can register for one here.

How to find your coupon
The easiest way to find your coupon is on the Subscriber Discounts page. Click “See details” under the eBay Shipping Supplies discount.


Coupon 11.JPG

You can also navigate to this page from My eBay:

1. Under Account, click on Manage My Store


coupon 12 fixed.jpg

2. Then click on Subscriber Discounts

coupon 13.JPG

If you're using eBay Seller Hub, you can find the Subscriber Discounts page by scrolling down to Seller tools and clicking on Manage Store

coupon 14.JPG

How to check that your discount has been applied in PayPal
To check that your discount has been applied, sign into your PayPal account and open your statement.


    1. Click on the Activity tab and scroll down to the Completed section. Click on the transaction from “eBay-Bascom Logistics Corp.”

coupon 15.JPG


    1. You will see your coupon applied under “Amount” in the purchase details


Note that your view may differ if you are using the PayPal classic site.

coupon 16.JPG

A few other things to keep in mind:



    • New coupons will be available on the first day of each quarter (January 1, April 1, July 1, October 1).


    • Your coupon must be used during the quarter for which it was issued. It will expire on the last date of the quarter and will not carry over.



    • The code represents a “one time use only” coupon, and cannot be extended over two or more transactions. In other words, it’s a good idea to try and use the entire amount of the discount amount when shopping.


    • The coupon cannot be transferred to another eBay ID; it can only be used by the ID to which it is assigned.

If you have further questions about your Stores coupon, you can contact eBay Customer Support at 1-866-540-3229. As always, thanks for selling on eBay.

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Good boxes but remember they are 32 ECU and not a heavier weight carton. Good for lightweight or non-breakables but substandard for heavy or breakables. Better to go with a 200# test carton for those items. 

by aeauctions1 · Explorer

Both my wife and I have stores and met all the qualifications bu did not receive coupons.

by twelve23 · Rising Star
Rising Star



Ive only been getting $25 coupons quarterly! Who gets $75? (now $150) and if its for higher level stores do us lower level stores get ours doubled too?

by | Updated

The 75 now 150 is for the Anchor store subscribers. They are getting more shipping supplies because e-bay raised their FVF fees.  At least that's my opinion sd to why. They give with hand and take away with the other.  


 Plus taking the TRS discount for all sellers from 20 percent to 10 stinks.  I just have a basic store.  


They are going to drive away the small seller that makes ebay a unigue shopping site.  

Between the fee increases and another possible USPS postal price increase it's getting harder to compete.  



We dont need YOUR Branded Boxes. Making me PAY to promote YOUR brand actually saddens and angers me. YOUR Brand doesnt help me, in fact it actually cheapens my items. What we need are lower rates! So we can keep our prices lower. I would rather be promoting MY brand. I use eBay because it is a way to get people to see my items all over the world not because it is a good brand. It is getting so that I may consider other marketing avenues like Amazon your prices are getting so high.


Come on eBay know your market...

Remember your start and why you were originated.

by hinsdjeann · Adventurer

If Ebay seriously wanted to help with shipping costs, they would offer discounts on bubble wrap and other lightweight packing fillers.

by mam98031 · Rockstar

I for one am delighted with the shipping supplies I can get for free.  They help me a lot, with the exception of the tape.  While it is thick enough, it doesn't stick well.  Hopefully they have resolved this issue since I last ordered it.

by bcarter27 · Adventurer

None of these shipping supplies are useful to me. Reviews of the tape say it is thin and smells. None of the box sizes are helpful. How about some 12x9x2 folding book mailers? These could be used for books, comics, and magazines. Or flat cut cardboard to use as spacers in the mailers? Or packing filler? Or different size poly bags?

by mam98031 · Rockstar


I use the poly mailers and the padded envelopes for mailing my pattern books.  I also use flat cut cardboard from boxes to put into the envelopes to stiffen them so that the books don't get bent.  I've been doing this for many years.  It works very well for me.  


The polymailer's available is a little large for some of my needs, but I just fold down the top to match the item in the envelope.  Same with the padded envelopes, the 8.5 x 10.75 is about a 1/2" too small and the next size up is too big.  So if I use the bigger one, I just fold the top down further than is normal to meet whatever it is I have packaged in it.  If I use the smaller size one, I put what I'm mailing in the polymailer first, then into the padded envelope, that way the item is protected from the glue on the padded envelope when closed.


If you think outside the box, you may find there are actually ways you can use these supplies to meet your needs.  I certainly agree that more variety would be terrific and I like you idea about that box.  And when they add more variety, hopefully they will improve that tape.  For me it didn't smell bad at all, but it just doesn't stick on cardboard very well at all.  It does fine on paper envelopes or the padded envelopes, but not at all on cardboard.



by bcarter27 · Adventurer

Thanks mam for the ideas. Comic buyers are sticklers for condition. So, each book has to be sent in a cardboard mailer or a box. The comic has to be taped to a cardboard pad to keep it from sliding around inside. It is a whole to-do! Ebay could actually make mailers for less money than the boxes and then be able to service the entire comics category.

by mam98031 · Rockstar


Thanky you for explaining further.  That certainly makes sense.  But you could put that comic book on the cardboard, slide it into a polymailer, then slide that into the padded envelope.  It would be well protected from bending during the time the carrier has it and it would be safe from water damage.


My customers for craft books also want them to be clean and unbent.  I do as stated above with them and 100% of them arrive without damage so far.  I do also put a big red and white sticker on the front and back that says Do Not Bend.  


I don't use cardboard that is the same size as my book as you do, but I put a 3 or 4" high x approx 9" wide.  The cardboard grain running horizontal so it is stronger than vertical.  It stiffen up the package nicely and keeps the book snuggly in place.  


But I understand why your customers want that full piece of cardboard that is at minimum the size of the collectable comic.  I hope Ebay listens to you and will give us more options.

by bluemoves · Pathfinder

Kudos eBay on working overtime to get sellers to identify their valuable items for easy targeting and theft by all manner of criminals worldwide.  One suggestion: add "STEAL ME" in large happy fun multicolored eBay typeface for maximum efficacy.


And thanks for selecting the $25 coupon denomination so as to maximize the probability that sellers won't be able to use the full coupon value without paying actual cash to cover the overage, thereby delivering more profit - your sine qua non -  to your seller grinding machine.




Is there a certain amount you have to purchase to get the discount or can I purchase 25.00 worth of items and not pay anything?

by julianarts · Adventurer

I get $50 dollar coupons, don't use any of them. don't need them. I use free boxes from USPS shipped right to me. The sizes are all what eBay is trying to sell. hmmm.  90% of my needs are met right there. Now for the other 10% I use boxes from my office and home. I own a business (outpatient practice not retail)  and things that come in for supplies give me what I need usually. I buy online in personal life and get other boxes that way. Its really not complicated for me. 


As a buyer the one thing that blows me away when I get something in from eBay sellers, is the ones that over kill the packaging. Man they pass protection and go into contraptions! Its like having to pick a lock to get to a desired item! Who needs ten pounds of bubble wrap around a 2x4 inch item? LOL  And not just bubble wrap traps, but then a pound of tape around that! Huh? Its like fort knox lock down!! 


.... Really common sense goes a long way! Secure shipping is of course desired, but over kill is honestly not! And saves you a lot if your shipping high volume. So worth thinking about if you are one that tapes bubble wrap around a item, over and over and over....stop, please lord stop! lol   My employees save me all that bubble wrap other sellers are wasting and we use it when needed (sparingly and effeciantly) when shipping out a item in need. Thanks, Ill take the free bubble wrap can keep the extra tape though...have not found a use for it.... my cat likes to chase it across the kitchen floor ...but short of that, no use found.  

by tim3467art · Adventurer

Ebay is killing us Sellers Fee after Fee I am a power seller now they will only be giving 10% discount not the 20% then Pay Pal with their Fees even though Ebay ownes Pay Pal then shipping USPS got their greedy hands in it now to  All this is pure Greed  corperate Greed

stop the madness

by tim3467art · Adventurer

why cant their be shipping lables i do not need tape or boxes from Ebay i need lables


 That something, Charging eBay supplies box, tape, etc after ALL THE HIGH FEES that eBay CHARGE THE SELLER/BUYER? Not to mention PayPal, WHY??? (USPS GIVE ALL TAPE, BOXES FREE......) NO CURE HERE, greed and more greed, HORRIBLE, TERRIBLE to ABUSE PEOPLE that do not know,  and sell them SOMETHING that should be free in the first place.... PLEASE, stop the GREED.....


Wow, so many complaints....You know you have the FREEDOM to not use eBay?.....Increasing cost are's when we stop consuming them is when they go down....I for one am Thankful that eBay offers such a Program....With or without this "PERK" I would still own a "store" via eBay....This is an incentive to help you....Hmm, Gluttony seems to be the Trend these days...  


This had the potential to be a good idea, soften the blow of a £13 price hike by giving us a £10 voucher to spend on packaging. Even if you could see past the fact that the parcels, envelopes and tape etc are more expensive than other places on eBay, the main problem is everything is out of stock and if you are lucky enough to find something that is in stock it takes forever to arrive!, given that the voucher only have a month to be spend there will be a a lot of customers who won't be able to use their vouchers, that doesn't seem right. Also, how can the packages of 600+ envelopes etc be in stock and the 100's not, they come in boxes of 50 do they not?, even if this works not really fair on other packing sellers on eBay as a monopoly has been created.

by mam98031 · Rockstar



I don't know if it is different for you, but on the US site, we have 3 months to use our coupons.  I agree the items are overpriced, but free is free and I just spend what my coupon allows for.  Maybe slightly more, but it still saves me money and I'm all for that.  Most of the items are pretty good too.  The only thing I've found that I don't particularly like is the tape.  It looks good, but it doesn't stick well.


No where does it say where to get the supplies.  I guess it must be from just that one seller?

by mam98031 · Rockstar



WHAT???  Yes it is one seller on Ebay to purchase the supplies from if you want to use the coupon Ebay provides.  But if you prefer purchasing from another seller, you can, you just can't use the coupon.


I'm unsure as to why you are having trouble finding the Ebay seller that is selling the supplies for use with the coupons Ebay offers store owners.  It's pretty easy.  It is seller EbayShippingSupplies.


The OP clearly shows you where to go to find your coupon and then use it.


Good Luck!

by 8191_media · Enthusiast

I don't understand what people are complaining about fees or about them giving you something who cares if the package says eBay on it they're giving you the supplies for free I like them. If you don't like it go somewhere else I fell on Amazon as well and they are taking way more and fees like if I sell a book for $10 I'm lucky to make $2 so eBay is my friend.