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Give your packages a professional look with eBay branded shipping supplies. Sellers can now purchase high-quality boxes, tape, and padded mailers featuring the eBay logo.

Sellers indicated that they love the convenience of purchasing shipping supplies online. So we wanted to provide another quality, low-cost alternative. The eBay branded supplies store provides easy online ordering and convenient and free shipping.


Environmental impact was a primary concern, so we were careful to choose materials that are as eco-friendly as possible. For example our boxes are 100% recyclable, made from at least 50% recycled fibers, and SFI (Sustainable Forest Initiative) Certified. We also worked with our supplier to create a “how to recycle” message, which will be printed on every branded mailer.


The eBay branded shipping supplies store currently includes the following:

  • Boxes: Premium quality, 100% recyclable, 10 different sizes

  • Padded mailers: Premium quality, two different types, several convenient sizes

  • Tape (Coming soon!): Moisture resistant, low noise, high tensile strength, non-yellowing

The new eBay branded shipping supplies store is live—so why not stop by and shop now?
by vintige · Thrill-Seeker

Makes no sense for you to get into the Shipping Supply business. You have customers that are selling Shipping Supplies on the eBay site already...


It's a brilliant strategy to get sellers to pay them for the advertising. Well done.


Can not get a refund!

by vintige · Thrill-Seeker


This is not the correct place to be posting that. You should start a new topic.


Oh its the correct place see my post and topic in other areas. I only obtained refund after ten hours on the phone.

by dorcal1 · Adventurer

 Hi, I work at a major packaging company in Quebec, Canada.

Does it take a authorization to print eBay logo on boxes?

If so, where can we be accredited? And how could we become a eBay supplier for the boxes that are bought every quarter from eBay store owner?

(The ones that are targeted with the quarterly coupons)


Thank you

by nitro-sales3 · Pathfinder | Updated

I will not be using the free sample tape they sent to me for 2 reasons.

1. Postal theft - If you wrap the outside of your packaging with ebay tape it is just begging to get stolen and the person who steals it won't feel guilty either because the receicer can just get a refund (and no one cares that it is the sellers who are paying). Not to mention the curiosity factor. Keeping postal theft down on your items, it about boring plan packing like black plastic bags, paper envelopes, do not leave any printing or logos on the front that will attract any attention. Certainly not ebay logos that this tape carries.


2. Refunds - OMG do you want to give you buyers any more of a redflag. Ebay's whole new model is that refunds are easy to get, it doesn't matter whether it's the buyers fault or whatever, ebay will refund the buyer. Wrapping your package in ebay branding sending you buyer direct signals when they open that package that they are part of the ebay system. That is what you DO NOT want to do.... ebay = unconditional refund.


Stay away from the tape.


ps I liked the comment about ebay going into competition with it's office products sellers. That is very true and very naughty of you ebay.