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About Community

About Community

Community Team
Community Team
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The eBay Community is made up of sellers, buyers and eBay employees coming together to share, connect and learn.


Here, you’ll find many features such as the Knowledge Base, Discussion Boards, Seller News – featuring Announcements and eBay for Business blog - and Groups - all built with you in mind.

On the discussion boards, Community members ask questions and exchange advice and tips with each other. Whether you are an enthusiast, a business owner or just getting started with your eBay experience - Community is a place for you.


While eBay staff are present on the boards, this is primarily a peer-to-peer support Community and eBay cannot provide direct customer support to you via these boards.

If you are new to the eBay Community, taking a look at our community guidelines, is a great way to start. Knowing what is and is not allowed will be very helpful as you connect with other eBay Community members. 

Most importantly though, we hope you enjoy taking part in your Community and we're glad you're here! 


Community and You


Before you dive in, below are tips about joining the conversation.


  • Search for your question first—there may already be an answer in the Community.
  • Find the right board for your question.
  • Be respectful of others.
  • Stay on topic and keep conversations flowing.
  • Be collaborative by sharing your ideas and best practices.
  • Stay safe. Never share personal information on our boards. 
  • Have fun, and enjoy your Community experience.

Rules of the Road

We ask all of our members to follow a few simple rules to help keep the discussion boards safe and productive.


  • Be respectful
  • Keep conversation constructive
  • Stay on topic
  • Search for solutions first
  • Follow legal guidelines

The Community Team

While the value of peer-to-peer discussion is at the heart of the discussion boards, there are plenty of questions and comments that require attention from eBay staff. 


You’ll see us on the boards and we’re here to help when needed. Below is some information about the people who make up the Community Team.


alan@ebay is our Community Manager. Alan, who has been with eBay since 2009 has a background in Customer Service and is passionate about you – the Community members.

doug@ebay is our Community Tech Manager who is working behind the scenes to build new functionality while also ensuring that our Community runs smoothly. 

heidi@ebay is a member of the Customer Service team who is helping on the boards to answer customer service related questions. You'll also find Heidi sharing best practice advice and tips for making your eBay experience the best it can be.

trinton@ebay is also a member of the Customer Service team. He splits his time on both the Community discussion boards and our social media channels. Trinton@eBay is also an avid video gamer.

tyler@ebay is approaching his fifth year at eBay and is a member of our Customer Service team. He will be splitting his time between the Community discussion boards and our social media channels. He loves Korean food, is a Hufflepuff and enjoys video games.


griff@ebay.com is well, Griff. Community would not be Community without Griff’s knowledge, his commitment to customers and his love for eBay. If you are new to the Community and have not had a chance to catch eBay Radio we encourage you to do so. You’ll never find a more sincere and engaged customer advocate.


If you have questions or if you would like to share feedback to help improve the Community you can contact the Community team via email at askcommunity@ebay.com.


See you around the boards!

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