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Category Limits? Good Grief!

Category Limits? Good Grief!

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Listed a few items today and then the dreaded red flag popped up and I was told "no more buddy". You have reached your limit for this category. After 90 days maybe we'll let you sell again. 90 days! A full quarter?!!? Are they nuts?

I read about this happening to others, so should have seen it coming. Still it stings when it happens to you. It's like being reprimanded by a hall monitor back in grammar school! And I'm an A student! I have 100% FB and dingless DSRs. I'm running my little part time business just fine, eBay. Thanks for putting the brakes on the little roll I had going.

Okay, you know what? This is actually a good thing. Really. Blocked by eBay, I spent the time listing at another site... Sure, it doesn't have the draw that eBay does. But I had four sales there this month. Factor in not having to pay the 9% eBay commission, and it's almost like selling 5 items! Slow and steady wins the race.

Thank you eBay. Thanks for showing me the door. What other company goes out of their way to push it's clients off to competitors? It's sheer madness!

Sorry, just had to vent. Off to go list somewhere else.


Re: Category Limits? Good Grief!

I'm sorry this happened to you. I'm also sorry I don't have any words of wisdom for you. I actually have a many items were you listing in the category that got you flagged? I sell almost exclusively in the same category and I'm kind of freaked out by this. Is it a specific category or can this happen to any category? Did you list 8 million things? I don't understand how the overseas sellers can list a bazillion, identical, penny starting price, free shipping auctions in a category, and yet they would put the brakes on your sales for a whole quarter.

I know you probably posted here for answers and support, but all I have is more questions. Although as a part-timer you have my heartfelt support. I'm glad you had some sales on the other site. Don't give up!

Re: Category Limits? Good Grief!

In the past, shady sellers would list a few inexpensive items to build up a good reputation, then list a whole bunch of things in a category (cell phones, for example), but never ship, leaving eBay holding the bag and out a bunch of money. eBay's solution to this problem was to put category limits in place.

Details on category limits

It's frustrating. It's annoying. It's not personal.

Still if you are selling for income, it's always wise to sell through multiple channels.

Re: Category Limits? Good Grief!

Thanks Billy! I couldn't imagine why ebay would limit a seller since that's how they make money. I'm sure it still stings for the OP but I appreciate the info. As is usually the case,it's the scammers that screw things up for the rest of the honest folks.

Re: Category Limits? Good Grief!

Billy - thanks for the link - had been looking for this and somehow could not locate it.

I sold a couple of vintage Louis Vuitton bags a while back and ran into the same thing. Called Customer Support and was given just weird snippets of info - had they given me this link it would have made it clear. After talking to them I knew less than before LOL...

OP - please also keep in mind that anytime you revise a listing it seems to count as a new listing against your limit. That was what got me flagged - and no-one ever told me that - had to dig that useful piece of info up myself. And I know it has happened to others. So even though I had only listed 2 bags, a couple of revisions put me over the limit. Sad...

Rising Star

Re: Category Limits? Good Grief!

OP - please also keep in mind that anytime you revise a listing it seems to count as a new listing against your limit,
This is a very good point that needs to be shouted to the skies. I was in the habit of proofing my listings AFTER they were already posted and going back in to revise, fix typos etc. I was shut down real fast for doing that. Revisions count as a full new listing against your sell limit. Repeat 3x.

OP: I feel your pain. This happened to me. You might try to list some new things in your category after your current docket of items sells or expires. I found I didn't need to wait the 90 days or 1 month (that eBay CS told me I needed to). I just waited for some items to sell and then loaded up a few more until I arbitrarily hit the cap again. You might want to see if that works for you.

And yes, exploring other venues is a wise thing to do. Spend your time while on "ebay probation" building up your other presence. Good luck.

Re: Category Limits? Good Grief!

Ebay needs to rethink category limit rule. They force sellers to go outside of their specializted area in order to reach the required limits to continue to sell on ebay. I understand the need to protect the buyer BUT when ebay holds the sellers funds for up to 21days after the transaction I don`t see the point. If a buyer has an issue with the transaction, the funds have not been released and buyer can be refunded. Where is the risk there. What am I missing.


If a seller is limited to one item per month in his or her specialized catagory it would take 10 months to meet ebay requirements.


I have spent thousands of dollars buying items on ebay and now based on a set of rules that make no sense I am being forced to lose money. Something is very wrong here. What do you think?


Re: Category Limits? Good Grief!

OP - please also keep in mind that anytime you revise a listing it seems to count as a new listing against your limit.


Wow! I second the thanks for that info.


OP, I enjoyed your post as well. I know taking into acct all of eBays policies and rules is the price of doing busines... but I get tired of hearing that preached over and over again. It's pretty clear from reading these boards that eBay's CS is terrible, their seller protection is almost non-existant, and buyer fraud is high.  


I can't help but take joy in hearing you say eBay drove you into the arms of a competitor. I think I better just get out here while the getting is good. Thanks for sharing!




Re: Category Limits? Good Grief!

I was quoting the revised listing counts in your listing total tidbit.  I guess I messed up the end quote! hrrrmmm


Re: Category Limits? Good Grief!

I am also new and have been selling clothing,  First I had selling Limits.  10 pr month lol.  Yeah that migh work.  Was able to get that lifted to 100 a month or $5000, Whichever comes first.  NOw I ran into Category Limits and wasn't aware of the fact that revising items counts.  Luckily I found these things out earlier.   I am just going to allow the listings I have active to end and then end my relationship (buying and selling) with Ebay.  It really does seem they are doing their best to eventually put themselves out of business.  And the fees?  We won't even go there.....


Re: Category Limits? Good Grief!

I'm a new seller and I'm facing this problem too. I was told to send in personal info when I first got it, and will be able to list after submitting. But after 6 months contacting the useless customer service (who just keep copying and pasting the same old template over and over again), I'm still under this category limit. They claimed there is no way to lift this limit, which I find is a bunch of BS. We should all post on eBay's Facebook, that should get their attention. Anyone ever wonders why eBay hates sellers?


Re: Category Limits? Good Grief!

I am having the same problem with clothing...

I have been with ebay about 8 months and have been selling every thing just fine, great DSRs 100% FB and now  I am a powerseller. I went to add to the number of items available on my t shirts that have 6 variations  and can't add to them ????

Paypal have lifted their 21 day hold... I am verified...

I wrote to them regarding this and got a standard copy and paste response..

Apparently these limits are to protect us from ourselves !!!!! As in our exuberance of a sale we are likely to send the wrong item....

It's not rocket science - you sell something you stick it in a addressed envelope and take it to the post office.

However the more likely truth is it is to protect ebay,,,, As they are on the hook if a seller sells fake goods or the goods don't arrive and the seller disappears...

Regarding raising limits I think the problem is ebays inflexible one policy fits all approach ... rather than have the support staff being able to make a decision on a case by case basis they just stifle all sellers and tar us all with the same brush....

ebays policy would I am sure to most people appear to be that all P/T small sellers are corrupt until proven otherwise ...... This policy does not apply to big businesses who sell on here!!!!!

Regarding how can foreign sellers list lots of items from the outset is easy .... there are no category limits on computer accessories etc like computer cables, mice and phone accessories etc so they can hit the ground running. So the Chinese manufacturers etc who sell on here get a free pass. Plus their postage is amazingly cheap.... So they have a clear advantage over everyone else..

Yours in frustration



Re: Category Limits? Good Grief!

I am completely and utterly frustrated and furious....

I have been an ebayer now for over nine years with a faultless record. I've been having a pre-Christmas tidy up and taken most of my stuff to the charity shop, but I saved any decent labelled clothes and decided I would list them instead to try and pay for the kids Christmas presents as funds are short this year. i also decided to sacrifice some of my collection of mini frags for the same reason.

I've only listed 13 frags and 7 items of clothing and i have hit a seller limit of stuff in the same category.... Why????

I had only 13 listed under collectable mini frags and only 6 of those had titles, the other 7 listed as copy to come, so that I could get them ending withing five minutes of each other. I am not allowed to alter the copy any more either. It just flags up and tells me I have hit my limit and connot list for 29 days, but it let me list them as 'listing to come' before and under that category. I was just adding the right copy and a pic.

I have bleated twice in no uncertain terms to customer live chat and been very polite whist completely hopping mad. Same story that these limits apply to everyone and that I am not being singled out.... rubbish.... I am.....

Why block someone small and domestic from selling? I cannot find out what these limits actually are in numbers and the last chap said it was because i had too many brand names.... of course I have.... I saved them especially for this.

I have only listed 25 items in total and three of those were relisted and they are all but the 13 frags, in different categories.

What can I do? I needed to do this in time for Christmas....

Re: Category Limits? Good Grief!

High Franny and welcome to The Part Timers Forum. Sorry this happened to you.

eBay CS is an oxymoron, bookmark us and always come here first. To find out what limit is causing this:.

How to find your limits

You'll be able to view most of your account-based limits in My eBay. Click My eBay at the top of most eBay pages, sign in to your account, then select the All Selling option in the Sell section on the left side of the page (or in the Selling Manager Summary).

The Monthly selling limits section shows your current selling activity relative to your monthly limits. You'll see a red alert once you've reached a limit, letting you know you won't be able to sell more items in the current month. You always have the option to request higher selling limits.

Limits placed on an account for failing to meet the minimum performance standards will also be shown in your Seller Dashboard. This module only appears if your account is Below Standard. You'll see your category and item limits when you list using the Sell Your Item form.

After you've got a handle on what the issue is follow the below how to request raising your limits then stop back with an update and see if we can be of further help.

Increasing your limits


When you list an item, you may see a message letting you know that you have met, or are close to, one of your monthly account limits. If you can't wait until the next month to continue listing, you can click the link in the message to request higher selling limits. Some sellers may also find this link in the All Selling section of My eBay in the Monthly selling limits section.



Hope this helps!


Re: Category Limits? Good Grief!

Do I have this absolutely correct - revising an item counts as a new listing???!!! I've obliviously revised and "re-revised" many times.




I'd hit a category limit and twice, I successfully got CS to lift my limit for a mere 24 hours. Both times, I was told it was a "one time thing." I had to frantically list as much as I could in the 24 hours. Needless to say, I was tired and over it after a few listings. Oh, and the second call to CS was the day before Thanksgiving - needless to say, my listing was nearly non-existent within those 24 hours.


I recently called CS to get my limits lifted again, and I was told no. LOL.




Re: Category Limits? Good Grief!


I wouldn't have had such a problem with the category limits if they'd just been up front about it.  I knew that I had a 100 item/$5k limit, which was fine, but I only found out about the category limit when I was done entering a listing (photos uploaded, description written, etc) and clicked "List It".  I couldn't understand why it even let me start entering it if it wasn't going to let me list it, or why it didn't say anything ahead of time about my category limit or what it was - if I had known, I would have listed longer auctions or 30 day fixed price so I wouldn't be idle for 3 weeks.


Also, when I was listing, I decided to accept returns, which means a buyer can return something for any reason and get a refund... then I find out (only after something sold) that PayPal holds the funds for 21 days... if I had known about this hold, I wouldn't have accepted refunds, because now (I hope I don't get any returns) I have to tell the buyer they have to wait 3 weeks because I don't have their payment yet?  Or if someone buys multiple items and I need to refund part of their shipping?  What buyer wants to hear that?


And now I'm reading in this thread that I can't even revise to "Returns Not Accepted" because a revision counts as a listing?


I am going to call eBay tomorrow and ask them why they don't tell us this stuff up front so we can plan and list accordingly?



Buyer Opinion is Not Necessarily a Seller Defect.

Re: Category Limits? Good Grief!


Good morning odyssey and welcome to thr Part Timers Forum.

Did you read post #13 2nd paragraph? Need more?>




Re: Category Limits? Good Grief!


honda: Yes, that was how I knew about my 100 item/$5k limit, but it does not say anything about category limits or paypal holds.

Buyer Opinion is Not Necessarily a Seller Defect.

Re: Category Limits? Good Grief!


PayPal holds have been around for years.>


When some sellers receive payments, we may hold the money in their pending balance for up to 21 days. We want to make sure that there are no problems with the orders, such as disputes, claims, returns, or chargebacks. After we determine that the order was fulfilled and the customer is satisfied, we may release the money earlier.

Same with category limits.>



Re: Category Limits? Good Grief!


honda, I have read all of that and I still don't see where it tells you what the limits are on categories.


The other problem is that most people won't go digging through the help files until they need help - such as when they hit an unexpected category limit and want to find out what the heck is going on.   I think any and all limits should be on the selling page along with the main monthly selling limit so sellers know what/how to list, for how long, etc. based on the limits.


Again, I don't have so much of a problem with them having limits, and I understand why they do it, I just wish they were more up front about it.

Buyer Opinion is Not Necessarily a Seller Defect.